Nov 5, 2010

Hello Fellow DC Area Bearcats!

I hope you find this blog useful and entertaining. We Bearcats here in D.C. thought contributing to this blog would be a good way to connect with each other and offer some perspective about life and networking in D.C., with a little Cincinnati alumni twist. 

To kick things off... we are in the midst of another Bearcat football season, and we need to establish a D.C. Bearcat Football and Hoops hub! Any recommendations? Is there an already established locale that I just don’t know about? Did folks catch the show Dion Dixon put on the other night? Would love to get something going for Bengals games as well if anyone's interested. 

And I know it's not very "PC" to talk about politics, but this is a political town. So what do folks think about the action around here on election day? UC will have a new but old representative in the House of Representatives. The state of Ohio has a new Senator in town - Cincinnati’s own Rob Portman. Post your thoughts as comments below!
We're also always looking for new ways to build a more robust UC community and celebrate the Bearcat spirit in the D.C. area. If you have ideas or suggestions – please post them as comments on this blog or feel free to e-mail me directly. 
Go Bearcats!

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