Jun 24, 2011

UC Prof Wants Students to Learn that Leaders are Givers

Greg Sizemore, an adjunct professor at UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science, recognized a problem with one of his courses.  Though he teaches Leadership Development, this course is only able to teach theory and principle. "Leadership has to be modeled," explains Sizemore, "it can never just be taught."

A couple years ago, Sizemore set off to find a way to better teach the course, especially to convey a key theme to the course, that leaders have to be givers.  Sizemore challenged his students on how to demonstrate this principle, which led to the creation of a scholarship fund.  Sizemore provided a matching grant for the scholarship, encourage students to donate, which generated $12,000 in funding.  Since then, Sizemore's scholarship fund has been endowed, and continues to grow; drawing more donations with each new Leadership Development class, providing direct philanthropy experience for students.

Are you active with promoting a sense of "giving back" with future generations?

Jun 21, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Graeter's named one of nation's best ice cream companies

Graeter's has always been a staple dessert for the Cincinnati region. With a history stretching back to the 19th century, the family-owned chain still continues with its traditional recipes and famous French Pot processing of ice cream. Many of Graeter's flavors offer rich, creamy flavors with huge chocolate chunks, certain to satisfy any ice cream lover's sweet tooth. And this company's quality ice cream has not gone unnoticed.

Food writer Ellen Brown, author of Scoop, recently listed America's top 10 favorite ice cream parlors and creameries, naming Graeter's as one of the best ice cream shops in the country! Other famous ice cream companies that made the mark include: Bonnie Brae Ice Cream in Denver, Bassetts in Philadelphia, GS Gelato in Fort Walton Beach, Lappert's in San Diego, Mitchell's in San Francisco, and Sweet Republic in Scottsdale.

Missing the ice cream tradition of Cincinnati? Order your Graeter's online and have it shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.! Graeter's is a Proudly Cincinnati company, and a proud sponsor of the UC Alumni Association.

Have a favorite spot for ice cream or other sweet treats in your city? Be sure to share your comments below about how it stacks up to the Cincy competition!

Jun 14, 2011

Scottish Bearcat Talks about UC Experience

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Andrew Kean was a highly accomplished youth soccer player in Scotland in the mid-1990s who accepted UC’s offer to come to the U.S. and help the Bearcats soccer program take a big step forward. In the process, he became the program’s first All-American, led the team to its first-ever NCAA Tournament in 1998, and was inducted into the James P. Kelly, Sr., UC Athletics Hall of Fame in 2010. Here, Andrew talks about his UC experience.

On how life is better because of attending UC:
“Without any exaggeration or hesitation at all, I can say my life changed for the better by being a University of Cincinnati student as well as a student-athlete. The UC soccer team was touring the United Kingdom when I met my future wife, Allyson, who is Scottish — how’s that for irony? I enjoyed the culture at UC, where I learned about seizing opportunities and working hard to become better. And since returning to Scotland, I’ve seen that there’s a sort of ‘golden thread’ between the generations past and the athletes and students at UC now, which I really appreciate.”

On feeling part of UC even when living across the ocean:
“After having been part of something so positive as a student-athlete, when you leave you worry that you might become detached from it. I don’t want that to happen. So while I’m thousands of miles away in the United Kingdom, in the carpark of my office there’s a University of Cincinnati Alumni sticker on my car. I talk about the university every single day to kids who are interested in opportunities to go to the States. Contributing keeps me involved as an alumnus, and it feeds the hunger I have to be part of the UC family.”

On the UC family:
“I talk about the family — the university and the athletics department — because when I came to UC from Scotland, I didn’t have any actual family there. For four years, my family was my teammates, their parents and cousins and sisters and uncles, the medical staff, the compliance staff, Larry the superfan who came to the games and danced and sang … It was everyone who was so important to the program — such a great thing to be a part of. I almost get jealous when I see other kids have the opportunity to go there now, and they have absolutely no idea of the terrific four years ahead of them. I would pay good money to have another shot at it, that’s for sure.”

On supporting the university and soccer program as an alum:
“Whether the resources were easily available or not, providing support to the school and the soccer program is something I’d readily do, simply because I appreciate my opportunity even more as the years go on. Things have come on by leaps and bounds since I left, with the campus ever changing and evolving. The opportunities now at UC are far greater than when I was there. So I’ll certainly try to help other student-athletes have their opportunity, whether they’re from Alabama or Aberdeen, Scotland.”

On feeling pride as an alumnus:
“The Proudly Cincinnati slogan is quite appropriate because I don’t think there are many schools in the U.S. with such a proud and active alumni family, over and above athletics. And it’s not just UC — it’s Cincinnati itself, too. I said during my UC Hall of Fame speech that athletes learn to appreciate that it’s not just your team you’re playing for — actually you’re part of something much bigger than just a sports team. It’s hard to put into words, but there’s a different attitude at the University of Cincinnati. It’s just a fantastic place to be.”

To learn more about opportunities in your area, contact Matt Crone at 513-556-4522 or 877-4-UCALUM toll-free.

Jun 10, 2011

UC Alumni Advice Part 2

With UC's Commencement ceremonies beginning today, here are some more pieces of advice for new UC Grads!

Ken Keilholz Cincinnati, Ohio
BBA, Information Systems / Entreprenuership, Lindner College of Business, Class of 1999
Don't be afraid to pursue a niche, but make sure you can always see the big picture. Those that can integrate technology to solve business problems or boost productivity are of exceptional value - making them difficult to replace/outsource.

Greg Frazier Detroit, Ohio
MS, Quantitive Analysis, Lindner College of Business
Thank all of the people that helped you. Take your degree, set it aside for a little while. Do something that you enjoy that is also a benefit to your community. In other words, chill for a moment to reflect on where you want to go in life. Try out a few new experiences and when (if) the opportunity presents itself, apply what you have learned. If the opportunity doesn't, learn from that experience.

John Drennan Cincinnati, Ohio
BBA, Operations Management & Entrepreneurship, Lindner College of Business
Get out and network. Make time to meet new people in different industries and learn from their experiences. This is a great way to stumble across a new opportunity, continue learning, and give back to your community. Volunteer your time and meet some new people. Plus you can add it to your resume and it gives you something to talk about during an interview!

Drew McKenzie Cincinnati, Ohio
BBA, Marketing, Management, Lindner College of Business

Be flexible and open to doing things that might not have been part of your planned path, you might find that you really love doing something other than what you planned.

Also be sure to check out Alumnus Justin Gibson's latest blog entry, "Pomp and Extreme Circumstance..."  He offers further advice to new UC grads on how to apply their college experience to the real world's job markets.

Thanks to all who offered such brilliant advice! Check out the UC Alumni Association's Career Services section for additional resources.

Jun 7, 2011

Are You a New UC Grad Looking for Advice? We've Got It!

The University of Cincinnati is preparing to graduate UC's Class of 2011 this weekend, sending them into the rough and tough world of career building. On the UC Alumni Association's Linkedin group, we recently asked our seasoned alumni to offer up their best advice for new college grads. And boy, did they deliver!

Below is just a sampling of a few of our favorites, and later this week we'll feature another round of advice from the discussion. If you have any tidbits of your own you'd like to share, please feel free to comment below, or better yet, join in on the actual discussion on Linkedin!

Jacquelyn Baker Cincinnati, Ohio
,Marketing & International Business, Lindner College of Business, Class of 2002

"Network, network, network! Use the summer (and great weather) as an opportunity to take people for coffee. Ask them about their careers, advice they have, etc. In this world, it's all about who you know. You never know when a casual lunch or coffee conversation will turn into a career idea or a connection they can make for you. The UC Alumni network is vast. Use them! These people offer a wide array of knowledge and connections for you, as well as a deep love for UC. They want to help you out. It makes people feel important when you reach out to them for advice. Tap into these networks every chance you get."

Gregory Hoodin Cincinnati, Ohio
AS, Accounting, Lindner College of Business, Class of 1987
"You will hear the word no, but often a no leads to a yes somewhere else." 

Michael Prucha Sarasota, Florida
BS, Mechanical Engineering, UC College of Engineering, Class of 1996

"My best advice to new entrants into the workforce is to find ways to differentiate yourself. While everyone needs a buck, if there's a way to 'volunteer your time' at a company you want to work for, you stand the best chance of meeting the people you need to build relationships with and distinguish yourself. Companies are certainly looking for low cost, low risk investments in resourcing. Definitely stay positive, as well. You never know when you'll be standing next to someone who works at your next employer and you want support for your job pursuit. Finally - find ways to keep busy in a constructive manner. Companies will appreciate it if you've found ways to give back to the community. You'll find it rewarding while building out your network and developing key relationships."

Jan Polk Cincinnati, Ohio
AS, Administrative Management
, Business, UC Evening College, Class of 1980 
"Good Manners are Powerful! Don't leave home without them. When all things are equal, employers will hire the person who is honorable, trustworthy and respectful to others. Technology does not trump behaving respectfully to each other."

Jun 1, 2011

Richard Foley Recognized with Distinguished Service Award

“When I arrived at UC as dean of the College of Engineering (as it was known at the time), I made it my business to learn about the people who were so important to the college’s success. Rich Foley’s name was mentioned by many people, and as soon as I began to work with him as a dedicated alumnus, I understood why.”

So begins Carlo Montemagno’s letter nominating alumnus Richard Foley (Eng. ’61) for the Distinguished Service Award from the UC Alumni Association. Dean Montemagno, Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), felt Foley was the perfect fit for the award, which recognizes alumni who have rendered outstanding, faithful and selfless service to their alma mater

“UC Day is a longstanding tradition at UC, allowing us to celebrate and recognize our most remarkable alumni and the positive marks they’ve made in their professions and in their communities,” said UC Alumni Association Executive Director, Myron Hughes. “Richard Foley is a truly outstanding example of alumni leadership in action.”

The award recipients were selected for their unique professional accomplishments and contributions to UC and the community at large. Foley turned his UC co-op assignment at Dayton's Harris-Seybold Printing Co. into a 37-year career there. He and his wife, Marlene, established and continue to fund the Richard G. and Marlene D. Foley Endowed Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for first-year students in CEAS.

“The scholarship fund and Rich’s dedication to it is so reflective of Rich’s early educational experiences. He struggled to make it to college, but found someone to give him the guidance and assistance to make it possible. He sees this as ‘paying it forward’ to help others realize the same college opportunity he had,” said Montemagno.

On the other end of the spectrum, Foley also works frequently with his fellow Bearcat alumni. He is a volunteer leader of the UC Alumni Association’s regional alumni network in Dayton. He led the efforts to attract classmates from the Class of 1961 to their Golden Reunion this past May. And he’s committed to the efforts of the UC Foundation and the Proudly Cincinnati campaign.

“It’s all about keeping that UC connection alive,” Montemagno noted. “Rich knows that when more alumni are actively engaged and supporting the life of the university, the greater UC will become, and the more the lives of these alums will be enriched.”

Congratulations to Richard Foley – a “grassroots guy who shows up and does all he can” – and all of the alumni being recognized during this year’s annual UC Day Celebration!