Dec 28, 2011

Ring in the New Year in Memphis with the Bearcats!

Well, if you haven't already heard, more than 10,000 of the 12,000 Liberty Bowl tickets available to UC fans have been sold so far to faithful Bearcats alumni and friends. Suffice to say, a good portion of our loyal Bearcat Nation is headed to Memphis, Tennessee to overflow Beale Street with a sea of red and black this New Year's weekend!

If you've made your plans to head down to Memphis already, great! Your UC Alumni Association has reserved the only official Bearcats fan zone on Beale Street for you to enjoy the night before the game. Then on Saturday, December 31 the Bearcats take on the Commodores in the 53rd AutoZone Liberty Bowl

So plan to arrive early to take advantage of special Bearcat discounts while you embrace all that Memphis has to offer! Here's a quick rundown of the weekend's official UC events for your reference:

Friday, December 30
  • Parade - 3:00 pm CT
  • Pep Rally - 5:00 pm CT
  • Party & Buffet - 6:00 pm CT
  • Gala - 7:00 pm CT
Saturday, December 31
  • Tailgate/Buffet - 11:00 am CT
  • Catwalk - 12:10 pm CT
  • Kickoff - 2:30 pm CT

Be sure to visit the official bowl section on the UC alumni website for full weekend details, maps and event registration information. And if you're at the events or the game, be sure to post your pics to the official UC Alumni Facebook page or mention @UofCincyAlumni on Twitter. Go Bearcats!

Dec 15, 2011

UC Alumni Association and Graeter's Ice Cream Hold Bearcat Photo Contest

Your UC alumni family, in partnership with Graeter’s Ice Cream, presents the Season’s Greetings Holiday Photo Contest!

We want to treat you to a familiar taste of Cincinnati this holiday season no matter where you live, so we’re putting a new twist on the holiday family photo tradition. This year, give your holiday photo a UC theme and be entered to win a six-pint supply of free Graeter’s Ice Cream, shipped directly to your home anywhere in the continental US.

We’re awarding six grand prizes to the:
  • Most Spirited UC Clan
  • Best Dressed in Red & Black
  • Most Multi-Generational Group
  • Best Dressed Baby
  • Best Dressed Pet
  • Best Inclusion of Graeter’s
Participating is easy!
  1. Snap a photo of you or your family all decked out in your holiday’s best red and black.
  2. Post your photo to the UCAA Facebook page or email it to by December 30th. 
  3. Check out our Facebook page on Tuesday, January 3rd at noon to see if you’re a winner!
Good News!
Can’t wait to see if you’re a winner? Graeter’s Ice Cream can now be found in grocery stores around the country, including a store near you.

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Dec 14, 2011

Service-Learning: Pioneering Educational Innovation While Strengthening the Community

When College of Engineering Dean Herman Schneider proposed one of the first experiential learning programs – cooperative education – at UC in 1906, he had no idea that providing students with real-world job experience would become a national educational model. Today, cooperative education is available at thousands of colleges and universities around the globe.

Building on UC’s proud history as a leader in experiential learning, the Department of Professional Practice now offers students the opportunity to be part of the next innovative pedagogy combining education and workplace preparation – service-learning.

How does it work? Quite simply, service-learning combines the real world experience of cooperative education with a focus on serving local non-profit organizations, all within the framework of a class curriculum. Students have built websites, run public relations campaigns, created learning materials and much more.

Examples of previous service-learning clients include:
  • Food pantries;
  • Elementary, middle and high schools;
  • After-school programs;
  • Libraries;
  • Local, regional and national charities;
  • Clients within UC and other universities.
By serving these organizations, students gain perspective into a variety of careers while bolstering UC’s longstanding commitment to community engagement– a cornerstone of the UC2019> Strategic Plan.

Want to participate in service-learning? Simply visit the registrar’s website and look for classes that carry an SL designation in the course description. With more faculty and community partners connecting through the Center for Service-Learning website than ever before, there are options available to students in nearly all majors and disciplines.

Have you participated in service-learning? Weigh in below and tell us about it!

Nov 29, 2011

Watch UC Play Xavier in Crosstown Shooutout - Where YOU Are

On Saturday, Dec. 10, the University of Cincinnati Men's Basketball Team will play Xavier University in the Crosstown Shootout. If you won't be in town for the game, there's a good chance a group of UC alumni will be hosting a game watch nearby! Check out the list below to see where you can watch UC play Xavier. If your city is not featured below and you're interested in organizing a game-watch, please contact Sam Walston at the UC Alumni Association.

Dallas/Fort Worth

Las Vegas
Saint Louis
San Diego
San Francisco
Twin Cities
Washington DC

Nov 22, 2011

CCM Alumna Plays Glinda the Good in Wicked

Alumna Tiffany Haas in front of CCM's
Corbett Center for the Performing Arts in 2002.
With all the buzz around the hit Broadway musical “Wicked,” it’s definitely exciting to hear about a University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music alumna taking on one of the show’s biggest roles.  During the show’s Pittsburgh run, Tiffany Haas bubbled up for the first time and assumed the role of Glinda the Good Witch, a character she had been studying ever since joining the cast as her understudy in 2010.

She was originally hired in 2005 to be a female vocal swing and understudy for the role of Nessrose, but, after two years, left to join the national tour of “The Drowsey Chaperone.”  However, Tiffany couldn’t stop thinking about Glinda, a character she adored in her childhood obsession, “The Wizard of Oz.”  "I felt like I could connect with the character," she said. "I understood where she was coming from."

In 2010, she rejoined the cast as the character’s understudy.  "It was the same people in the room that were in the room in 2005 when I was hired as the swing," she Tiffany. "They have been through this journey with me. They kept me believing, pushing myself and challenging myself. I feel that I've come full circle."

UC Students Faculty and Staff Sing for Pennies

Students, faculty and staff are warming up their vocals and selecting their songs for the first-ever Proudly Pennies Karaoke Night. Perform with fellow students and cheer on faculty and staff as they sing for Pennies Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm in Alumni Hall of the Myers Alumni Center.

Performers include:
  • Alan Hagerty and Michael Linger
  • Nicole Mayo and Nicole Ausmer, PhD
  • Daniel Cummins
  • Yolanda Cooper
  • Michael Magazine and Edward Winkofsky with students Stephanie Kenning and John Lame
  • Jason Heikenfeld, PhD
  • Kathy Brown and Kurt Schellinger
  • Shintara Carpenter
  • Jane Sojka, PhD
A newly formed ensemble called Random Sample will also perform at the event. Random Sample includes the following UC faculty members: Erynn Casanova, PhD, Omotayo Banjo, PhD, Lattisha Bates, PhD, Danielle Bessett, PhD and Corinne Reczek, PhD.

Come and be serenaded by the great, and not-so-great, voices of UC while enjoying delicious appetizers and refreshing beverages. Cost is $10 for faculty, staff and friends and $5 for students. All contributions will count toward the 2011-2012 faculty/staff campaign and support Proudly Pennies, the SDC-led fundraising campaign to raise one billion pennies ($10 million) for UC. Register to attend.

Nov 19, 2011

Barefoot Runner Shares UC Experience

Cincinnati Enquirer/Gary Landers
While attending the University of Cincinnati, my husband had the pleasure of running on the same track and field team as Alex Ramsey, one of the most insightful people you will ever meet. While you may not know him, you may remember Alex as the runner who completed the Flying Pig

I recently had a chance to catch up with Alex and he reflected on his UC experience. Alex, a 2009 graduate of the College of Business, currently lives in Haiku, Hawaii and he's still running barefoot!

What were some of the most memorable experiences you had at UC?
Skating around Clifton, competing against Ohio State, and interacting with different cultures all made my experience at UC memorable. I spent the majority of my collegiate life as an athlete. I was a part of a remarkable family of men and women who called themselves the UC Track & Field team. We traveled the country together, woke up for morning runs at 6:30 a.m., and slept on buses, all the while enjoying each other's quirky company.

How did UC transform your life?
Being around so many tremendous people who had aspirations for greatness really transformed me into a no-limit person. On campus, I could converse with a mechanical engineer, spit story with a graphic designer, or get inspiration from an opera student singing passionately as I walked past CCM. Those interactions were unique. Inside me grew a connection to these various souls. I take them with me wherever I go.

What makes you proud to be a graduate of UC?
My source of pride comes from being a member of a community that prizes education for the foundation of progress. With education we realize we have choices. No longer are we limited by our ego's definition of our worth. UC taught me that I can move freely through my dreams and not question whether or not I am living life right.

What have you been up to since graduation? Where are you living now?
I am on a mission to follow my love for learning. A quest of self-discovery. My passion in life is running, so that is what I have chosen to do. It has taken me all around the nation and currently to a remote island fortress in the southern Pacific. Some call the island Maui but I like to consider it a think tank to realize my wildest dreams. I have experienced success through applying the principles of manifestation. And know that this path, one less traveled, has been paved for me. I am here to surrender to something bigger than myself. Progress.

Anything else you would like to say about UC or experiences since graduation?
Campus is located in a nook of the city. It’s vibrant and full of life. I hope students continue to reinvent themselves. Question everything. And befriend experiences that they would not be exposed to anywhere else. I reflect on all the relationships that were formed during my college days and smile. Out there somewhere are these creative forces wreaking havoc on conventionality. Opening the boxes of innovation and giving their unique contributions. This life is about creation and UC embodies that.

Nov 16, 2011

Billy Martin, Brig Owens, UC President Broadcast LIVE from the US Capitol

UC legend Brig Owens and famous DC attorney Billy Martin are speaking at the US Capitol this Thursday at 6:30 pm, and YOU can participate LIVE no matter “Where You Are!” (pun intended). The UC Foundation will be streaming this event live for UC alumni and donors who cannot physically attend.  During the event you’ll be able to “share” the stream to invite your friends, post it to your Facebook, chat live, and tweet your thoughts both during and after the event. Hope you’ll join us! Watch it right here on this blog, on Facebook, the UCF website, or the Proudly Cincinnati livestream channel. Don't miss it!

Nov 11, 2011

Regional Network Scholarship Available to Incoming Freshmen

Through the generous support of UC's alumni community, the UC Alumni Association awards more than $100,000 each year to approximately 65 exceptional UC students. Incoming UC freshmen from UCAA regional alumni networks are encouraged to apply for the Regional Alumni Network Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded on behalf of UCAA's 30-plus regional alumni scholarships to support local future Bearcats. To be eligible, applicants must be an incoming freshmen and have permanent residency in a participating UCAA regional alumni network. The application deadline is Jan. 9, 2012. Please pass this scholarship on to any incoming UC freshmen you may know in your region!

The UC Alumni Association also offers additional scholarship opportunities for current and incoming UC students and do not require students to be permanent residents of a participating UCAA regional alumni network.

Nov 9, 2011

UC Student Spends Senior Year in France

University of Cincinnati photojournalist and French student, Dylan Vincent is doing something many students dream of - studying in France for his entire senior year! Dylan, a photojournalism and French major, is studying in Aix-en-Provence, France. This is the perfect opportunity for Dylan to combine both of his areas of study while traveling and studying the French culture.

l'Arc de triomphe du Carrousel, Paris France
While studying in France, Dylan has take a few trips throughout France. Before traveling to Aix-en-Provence, Dylan had the opportunity to explore Paris, France.
"The highlight was definitely stumbling upon la Joconde (Mona Lisa)," Dylan said. "It’s quite small in real life but it was just incredible to see it with my own eyes; not through a camera lens or on TV."
Hors du Musée d’histoire naturelle  d’Aix-en-Provence

Following his excursion of Paris, Dylan took the train to the Aix-en-Provence, and was impressed when he finally reached the city.

"This city is absolutely gorgeous," Dylan exclaimed. "The city is so beautifully constructed and it’s one of those charming European cities that have lots of culture and excitement in the streets."

Most recently, Dylan took a trip to Nice, France over his fall break.

"Nice, like you would probably assume, is nice. It’s absolutely gorgeous and in my opinion, the epitome of the Côte d’Azur lifestyle," Dylan said. It’s right on the Mediterranean and the city itself is gorgeous. The weather was also amazing. If I were in Cincinnati right now, I’d probably be freezing and wearing layers."
Nice, France

Continue to follow Dylan's study abroad experience in France by reading his blog C'est chouette la vie  (It's a great life).

The opinions expressed by featured persons, blog contributors, and comment providers on this blog are theirs alone and do not reflect the opinion or policy of the University of Cincinnati, the University of Cincinnati Foundation or the University of Cincinnati Alumni  Association.  Materials, stories, content and activities linked to from this blog (embedded or otherwise) are not endorsed by nor are the responsibility of UC, UCF or UCAA.

Nov 3, 2011

Bearcats Host Networking Events in California

Last week, UC alumni gathered along the California coast from San Diego to Berkeley to network, talk about UC and get a taste-of-home from Skyine Chili and Graeter's ice cream. A few alumni spoke at the LA and Berkeley events while a CCM student talked about his internship experience with Fox Studios in LA. Alums also were brought up to speed on important UC news, campaign progress and the 1819 initiative. Alumni from all colleges and a wide range of classes from the 1960s to 2000s were in attendance. UC alumni association network leaders and members of the Proudly Cincinnati Campaign committees attended the events that were hosted at a range of venues, including a very hip bowling alley, an alum’s home, a Herman Miller showroom (where UC gets a lot of its building furniture) and a custom lighting shop (owned by two DAAP alumni.)
Stay connected with alumni in California or other places across the country by contacting your regional alumni network leader.

Nov 1, 2011

Tailgate with Fellow Alumni in Pittsburgh

Are you making the trip to Pittsburgh Saturday to watch the Bearcats take down the Panthers? Join the UC Alumni Association and fellow UC alums for a special Bearcat Blitz in Pittsburgh. The pre-game event will held from 4:00-6:30 p.m. at McFadden's Pittsburgh, 211 North Shore Drive. The cost is $15 per person and includes a buffet and UC raffle for a chance to win a Coach Butch Jones-signed football!

UC is the first bowl-eligible Big East team, making the game against Pitt very important.

Register now and call 1-877-CATS-TIX to purchase tickets for the game!

Oct 28, 2011

UC's ambitions continue to draw attention

The University of Cincinnati continues to turn heads with progressive goals and recent accomplishments. The university garnered some noteworthy attention this past week regarding university-wide goals and achievements including innovative ideas to stimulate economic development, President Williams' State of the University address, Dean Thomas Boat's vision for the College of Medicine and the continued excitement from UC Athletics including UC's win over USF and the hiring of a new athletic director.

 Photo courtesy of the University of Cincinnati.
UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean Carlo Montemagno was featured in a Cincinnati Enquirer Article, "UC an engine for innovation." Dean Montemagno discussed the Entrepreneurial Innovation Center. According to the Enquirer, the innovation center will provide the college's 140 professors and 4,300 students access to workshops, mentors, lab space and an engineering accelerator program to help build and launch businesses. This entrepreneurial initiative will not only create high-tech, high paying jobs while driving economic development, it will create an opportunity for UC to develop products that could change the world.

Later in the week UC's President Gregory H. Williams gave the State of the University Address at the All-University Faculty Meeting where he discussed the university's big dreams and how these dreams are in UC's reach through UC2019. Based on President Williams speech, it is evident UC is on its way to being one of the best institutions in the nation. President Williams also pointed out three areas of opportunity that UC “must address if we want to achieve our aspirations of being one of the finest universities in the nation.” Those opportunities are:
  • National Academy membership,
  • industrial funding,
  • and the number of research/scholarship doctoral degrees awarded.
When President Williams discussed UC2019 he quoted Walt Disney saying, "If you can dream, you can do it."

 Photo courtesy of the University of Cincinnati.
President Williams wasn't the only one talking about UC's ambitious dreams. UC's College of Medicine Dean Thomas Boat shared his vision for the college this week, which includes:
  • Making the UC College of Medicine the preferred destination in the Midwest for the best medical students, graduate students, residents and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Making UC Health the regional care center of choice for patients who require complex procedures.
  • Joining the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Michigan and Washington University in St. Louis as elite biomedical research institutions in the Midwest.

And how could we forget the beloved Bearcats. They broke into the Associated Press Top 25 this week with their victory over USF, bringing their record to 6-1. Following this win, UC announced the hiring of UC's new Athletic Director, Whit Babcock.

UC continues to make big things happen. What makes you proud to be a Bearcat?

Oct 25, 2011

UC Alum Brings Detroit Architecture Students to UC

Professor Farlow gives
architecture tour of UC to students.
UC alum Mark Farlow came back to campus and brought his current architecture students with him on Oct. 9. Accompanying him was his colleague Karen Swanson. Both Professor Swanson and Professor Farlow teach at the University of Detroit Mercy, teaching for the Masters Studio at UDM in the architecture thesis year.

Farlow also teaches an advanced design studio to graduate students at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI.

Professor Farlow organized the one-day field trip to include students from both architecture schools. The tour began with an early lunch at Clifton’s Skyline Chili. Then, UC Professor Terry Boling launched his campus walking tour starting at DAAP. The students marveled at the variety and richness of the architecture on the UC campus.

They toured the buildings designed by notable architects like Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves, Wes Jones, Bernard Tschumi, Frank Gehry, Gwathmey Siegel, Leers Weinzapfel, Morphosis, and I.M. Pei. The tour also included a visit downtown to see Fountain Square and the Contemporary Arts Center (designed by Zaha Hadid).

Both professors Farlow and Swanson believe that experiencing architecture is important - more so than seeing it in pictures or on the internet. The field trip was an essential learning opportunity for the 25 students who attended. Professor Farlow organized a similar field trip to UC last year for his LTU students so an encore performance was definitely needed.

You may recall that the weather that particular weekend was wonderful. The students all hope to return soon! Thanks to DAAP Professor Terry Boling for his informative tour.

Oct 21, 2011

Nominate an Outstanding UC Alum

UC Alumni Awards
Is there an alum you know who has made significant achievements in their professional career, has been extensively involved in the university and the community or has demonstrated remarkable leadership abilities? Now is your chance to nominate them for a University of Cincinnati Alumni Award! Nominations will close January 31, 2012. Awards will be presented at the 2012 UC Distinguished Alumni Celebration on June 14, 2012.

“The Distinguished Alumni Celebration gives UC the opportunity to formally recognize our most outstanding alumni for their professional accomplishments and exceptional commitment to the university and in many cases, to the world,” said UC Alumni Association Executive Director, Myron Hughes. “Since 1956, the UCAA has extended awards to more than 130 alumni.”

Please consider nominating a fellow alum for one of the following awards: 

The William Howard Taft Medal Award
This award is given to an alumnus of the University of Cincinnati solely on the basis of notable achievement in his or her field. The Taft Medal differs from the Alumni Distinguished Service Award in that it is not restricted to service to the university. The award is in honor and memory of Dr. William Howard Taft, LLB 1925, twenty-seventh president of the United States.

2011 UC Alumni Award Recipients (from left) Drew E. McKenzie,
Dr. P. Eric Abercrumbie, Dr. Marilyn A. Edmondson,
Richard G. Foley,David Watkins, and Dr. J. Richard Wuest
The Jeffrey Hurwitz Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award
This award is given to a UC graduate, 35 years of age or younger, on the basis of significant professional achievement in his or her field of endeavor, and continued service and involvement with the university and community. This award is in honor and memory of Jeffrey Hurwitz, BBA '72, MBA '73, former president of the UC Alumni Association.

Alumni Distinguished Service Award
Dedicated alumni who, through their service, make an outstanding contribution to their university are usually over-modest, always unpaid, and unthinking of reward. Nonetheless, recognition is important, for an action that begins by aiding the advancement of a university ends in the improvements of the social structure in which we live. The UC Alumni Association issues the Alumni Distinguished Service Awards to provide that recognition for those who have faithfully rendered outstanding service to the University of Cincinnati.

The UC Alumni Association Mosaic Award
The UC Alumni Association’s Mosaic Award is presented to an alumnus who has demonstrated leadership while enhancing our shared community through cultivating collaboration, fostering inclusiveness, championing the cause of the underrepresented, and promoting greater equity and opportunity for others.

Oct 20, 2011

Alum Sports UC Cycling Gear

Jeff King, a 2000 UC graduate with a BS in Construction Management, recently participated in the Triple Bypass race - a one day, 120-mile bike ride from Bergen Park (Evergreen) to Avon, Colorado - while sporting his UC cycling jersey. Find out what Jeff had to say about the race and his UC experience!

What were some of the most memorable experiences you had at UC? What types of activities were you involved with at UC?

My most memorable experience while at UC would be meeting my lovely wife. I also had a very close circle of friends while at UC. I miss time spent with that special group of friends. I ran the 800 meters for the track & field team from 1994-99.

How did UC transform your life?

I was tripped and pushed off the track during a meet at Marshall. I was upset with getting
tripped and instead of finishing the race, I dropped out. Coach Schnier was not happy
with me after the race for not getting back on the track and finishing, “giving it the old
college try.” Two things I’ve always taken away from that race and Coach’s talk
afterward: First – finish what you started, and second – don’t put yourself in a position to fail, which was the whole reason I was tripped in the first place.

The most important thing that UC taught me was how to be a professional. The co-op
program UC has is top-notch. Getting out of the classroom and providing practical
experience is something that cannot be taken away when coming out of school. My
professors at OCAS always had time for me, whether it was a question about a subject, or
discussing future plans with my career.

What makes you proud to be a graduate of UC?

I am amazed at the number of people in Colorado that have ties to the university. When
I wear my Bearcat gear, I often have people comment on either graduating from UC or
being from Cincy.

Explain what you did after graduating from UC. What are you doing now?

After graduation, my wife and I spent five years in the Washington, D.C. area where I worked
as a Project Manager for a large commercial contractor. Currently, I am working as a
Project Manager for JE Dunn Construction in Denver, Colorado. My current project is
the new Encounter Africa Project at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs,
Colorado. Encounter Africa consists of a new elephant holding barn and exhibit space for the
elephants and lions at the zoo.

Talk about cycling a little. How did you transition from a track athlete to a cyclist?
Do you always wear your UC gear during races? What did the Triple Bypass
Cycling Challenge entail?

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for almost 20 years so I try to stay as active as I possibly
can. I ran for many years and continue to do so, but took up cycling several years ago
when I was battling a lower back injury. It helps to live in Colorado which is very
bicycle friendly.

The Bearcat Jersey was a x-mas gift a year ago; I try to wear it on as many rides as I
possible can.

The Triple Bypass is a one day, 120-mile bike ride from Bergen Park (Evergreen) to
Avon, Colorado. The challenge includes riding over 3 mountain passes (Squaw Pass,
Loveland Pass and Vail Pass). It took me around 11 hours to complete. While riding I
had many compliments on my Bearcat jersey, including one from a fellow UC alumni.

Oct 18, 2011

UC Alumni Spotlight: Denny DeMoss

University of Cincinnati engineering alumnus and Vice President and Project Director at Sargent & Lundy, Denny DeMoss, shared a story over the summer that changed my way of thinking. Denny told me about two experiences he had with salmon fishing. The first time he went fishing there were eight fishing lines tossed into the water, and by the end of the day three to four fish were caught. On Denny’s next salmon fishing trip there were 40 lines tossed into the water, and by the end of the day around two dozen fish were caught. What Denny told me next was that no one pole caught more than two fish, that with more fishing poles came more opportunity. On the first trip there were missed opportunities because there were less fishing poles.

This story provides a valuable lesson and also describes why Denny gives back to the University of Cincinnati. He wants every student to have opportunities and he’s helping to supply the poles. Denny has a joint scholarship with Tom Beringer, another UC graduate who is also a Chicagoan for Cincy. Although as Denny says, “It is not giving back but passing it along,” his story shows that donating to the University is the right thing to do.

Denny got his BSNE in Nuclear Engineering from the College of Engineering in 1977 from UC. Even though engineering is a demanding major, Denny still made time to spend Tuesday nights at his fraternity house Theta Chi, play intramural sports, participate in Homecoming, and most importantly, just hang out with his friends at the same Skyline on Clifton where the current undergraduate class still hangs out.

Denny’s advice to current undergraduates at UC is to “Dream a little bigger than you think.” He says although it is easy to stay where you are, one should explore a little more and learn to do new things. Taking advantage of new opportunities will help make you a well-rounded person.

Of course Denny sets the perfect example when he passes on what I thought was the most important advice: to do charitable things.

- Robert Fealy, BBA ’73
Chicago Campaign Committee Chair

Oct 13, 2011

Will you be there? Homecoming 2011

One of the most anticipated weekends by UC alumni is almost here! Homecoming 2011 kicks off tomorrow, Oct. 14 with the traditional Homecoming parade from 7-8 p.m. along Calhoun St. and Clifton Ave. Following the parade, join fellow Bearcats fans at the Myers Alumni Center for the Cincinnati Favorites Pep Rally from 8-11 p.m. Enjoy your favorite Cincinnati cuisine while greeting Coach Jones, your favorite Bearcat football players, cheerleaders and the Bearcat mascot during the CATWALK.

The excitement continues Saturday, Oct. 15 as the Beacats team-up to take-on the Louisville Cardinals. If you haven't purchased your tickets, buy them here and help us turn the Cincinnati Riverfront Red and Black!

Don't forget to ''check-in' for the Homecoming 2011 Check-in Challenge for a chance to win awesome prizes! How does it work? Follow the UC Homecoming 2011 Check-In Challenge list on Fourqsuare on your mobile phone and complete two or more tasks in the challenge by "checking-in" to the places listed. Show your phone to a UC staff member at the 1819 table during the Pep Rally Friday, Oct. 14 and get a FREE UC water bottle, license plate frame or other sweet UC prizes! First-come, first-served!

Share your pictures and memories on the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association Facebook page and tweet them to @UofCincyAlumni with hashtag #UCHomecoming.

For more information about Homecoming events, visit the Homecoming website.

See you tomorrow! GO BEARCATS!!

Oct 10, 2011

UC Prof Uses Card Games to Solve Medical Challenges

When it comes to solving healthcare challenges – diabetes, obesity, stroke – Professor Mary Beth Privitera feels that creativity holds the key. In fact, she’s so passionate about helping her students think outside the box that she created a card game that challenges them to develop creative solutions to medical problems.

Her approach was detailed in a recent article in the e-zine Soapbox Cincinnati. The associate professor of biomedical engineering  has developed the puzzle/card game featured in the article as a way to spark creative thinking among her students. 

The game puts students into teams of three to five, deals them a medical problem, then challenges them to develop a medical device to treat it. With game problems such as “a non-invasive knee replacement” and constraints defined as “all patients have an allergy to plastic,” players have to open their mind just to understand what exactly needs to be designed. Students work together to create the device, get it to market, navigate federal and international healthcare regulations and find ways to finance their projects. The process, Privitera argues, helps students move past the most obvious answer, and think outside the “triangle”.

“The Medical Device Innovation Program, with its clinical partnerships, allows for those creative and seemingly silly concepts to be fully explored in hopes to improve clinical care.  Our culture of team building and collaboration across disciplines within the university safety net promotes risk taking and exploration beyond what you can do in industry,” says Privitera.

The game has already proven itself to be a hit. Several British universities have already shown interest in Professor Privitera’s methods, and a U.K. version of the game is being developed in partnership with Nottingham University.  In addition, students used the game during the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) IdeaLab at Northwestern University this past June, a workshop that helps students better understand biomedical design through a series of case studies, creative experiences and intensive hands-on exercises.

There’s no telling where the game will go from here, but one thing is certain: Professor Privitera’s students are without a doubt more prepared to come up with creative solutions in the real-world. As the professor says in the Soapbox article, “Creative solutions are important in the real world for difficult-to-treat patients. If a treatment doesn't work well for a patient, and that's all a physician has, then you as a patient don't have the best possible outcome.”

That’s something we can all agree on!

Oct 7, 2011

UC Alums Help Construct Florida Atlantic University Football Stadium

This past summer we caught up with two UC alums Sean Stichter, BS in Construction Management ‘03 and John Pearch, BS in Civil Engineering ’08, while they worked on the Florida Atlantic University Football Stadium.  See what they had to say about their experiences at UC and how UC has helped them in their careers.

What were some of the most memorable experiences you had at UC?
Sean: UC’s win over Wisconsin (10th in the Nation at the time) in 1999 (we rushed the field and the goal posts came down); being part of Homecoming Committee and working to create a memorable Homecoming experience; attending Colin Powell’s on campus speech in 1998; and watching great UC basketball players such as Kenyon Martin, Danny Fortson, and many others.  My friend and I attended almost every home game.

John: Serving as Chapter President for the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; and viewing first-hand the transformation of the campus construction from endless rows of temporary chain-link fencing to the beautiful campus showcased today.

How did UC transform your life?
City Place Office Tower
Sean: UC not only gave me a top rate education, but helped to develop the life skills which have allowed me to be successful in business as well as in my home life.  In addition the 6 quarters of co-op experience allowed me to hit the ground running after graduation and land a great job.

John: UC exposed me to the professional world through the co-operative learning program, including three separate projects with my current employer.  It helped me to “get my foot in the door” during a time where competition for job placement was at its highest.

What makes you proud to be a graduate of UC?
Sean: Recruiting and talking with young talent coming out of the construction management and civil engineering programs every year.

(left to right) Sean Stichter, Jonathan Pearch,
Dr. Saad of UC, and Jeff Zebrasky UC co-op
John: I’m proud to be a Bearcat because of the weight that the degree carries in our profession.  Due to the success of the co-op program, UC graduates are known for entering into the profession with more knowledge and understanding of the work tasks, thus exceeding employer expectations. I’m proud to carry on the tradition.

What did you do after graduation?
Sean: I was recruited by a prominent national Commercial Construction Management Firm (Centex Construction) directly out of college.  The firm was primarily based in Florida and Texas but has since been acquired by and international firm (Balfour Beatty Construction).  I’m currently working with the same company as a Project Manager managing the construction of the new Florida Atlantic University Football Stadium.
John: Following graduation, I moved to Orlando, Florida to participate with the construction management team in the construction of a $250 million expansion to the existing four-star Peabody Hotel.  I am currently operating as a Project Engineer for the construction team building the new Florida Atlantic University football stadium.

What was your role in the Florida Atlantic University Football Stadium project? What was it like to work on the stadium?
Sean: I’m currently one of two Balfour Beatty Project Managers Assigned to the Project.  Early in the conceptual phase of the project I helped with estimating the project cost, establishing budgets, and identifying savings opportunities.  I joined the stadium project team about halfway through the construction process.  This was due to the fact that I was managing the construction of a High School Football Stadium in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Once I joined the Stadium team I took over management of the purchasing and buy out of the Commissary and Concessions package which was roughly 3 million dollars of addition scope.  In addition I have taken on the responsibility of managing the completion of the exterior skin of the 6 story pressbox tower.  My daily tasks include coordination of trade work, creation and issuance of contracts, creation and issuance of change orders, and Coordination with Owners & Architects.

John: My role for the project is to aid the project managers in specific scopes of construction including the site work, finishes, and miscellaneous metal work.  It is my job to read and evaluate the contract drawings and specifications to ensure correct installation by my respective subcontractors whom I manage.  Meanwhile, I also monitor progress of the work and any subcontractor cost impacts via changes to the drawings. The experience of working on the stadium can be defined as unique yet challenging.  As a member of the construction team, you not only have to build as it is shown on the contract drawings, but also for the end user.  In this case, the construction team communicates daily with the FAU athletic department, the coaching staff of the football team, the administration of the Sun Belt Conference, and broadcasting networks such as ESPN.  Additionally, the project is defined as a “fast-track” project involving a start date and finish date for the 30,000 seat stadium only 12months apart.

Anything else you would like to highlight about your career or your relationship to UC? 
Sean: Since graduating from the University of Cincinnati I have been involved in the construction the Port Everglades Security Upgrades Project, Palm Beach International Airport Terminal Expansions, Palm Beach Therapeutic Center and Special Olympics Gymnasium, City Place Office Tower, Blanche Ely High School Football Stadium, and the Florida Atlantic University Football Stadium.  I’m constantly pushing to hire more UC co-op students and full time graduates.  Over the past decade Balfour Beatty has had an successful history of employing UC graduates, and look to not only continue that relationship, but to strengthen it.

We recently hosted a representative of the University of Cincinnati Construction Management Program here in South Florida.  During his visit he was able to review our operations, tour our jobsites, and see firsthand what the UC co-op students and graduates do.  It was a great opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the University (see first picture).

John: My time spent at UC was unforgettable.  I continue to be an advocate for the University for any young, uncertain minds that are wavering between selections for higher learning institutions.  I inform them that they would be regretful for not putting UC at the top of the list.

Oct 4, 2011

From Co-op to Company President

When cooperative education was created at the University of Cincinnati more than 100 years ago, it was based on the premise that gaining experience before graduation not only prepares students for success in the work force – it also provides an opportunity to impress a potential employer before ever hitting the job market.

College of Engineering alumnus John Miller is proof of cooperative education’s value, and is visiting UC this week to enlighten current students with insights into what it takes to be successful. Through hard work, study and determination, he was able to leverage a co-op assignment with the Standard Oil Company (SOHIO) into a 26-year career that saw him ascend company ranks from a co-op student to President, Chief Operating Officer and Director of the company.

Miller achieved a number of impressive milestones and earned numerous promotions along his way to the top. He served as Vice President of Finance during a critical time in the company’s history – when SOHIO was arranging for the extensive funding needed to develop its Alaskan crude oil reserves and pay for its share of the costs of constructing the Trans Alaska Pipeline. He later served as Vice President of Transportation when the pipeline and marine network associated with delivering Alaskan crude to market was being put into operation.

With his record of success in these capacities, he was elevated to Senior Vice President of Technology and Chemicals, a position he held until being elected President and COO of SOHIO in 1980. After leaving the company in 1986, Miller leveraged his business knowledge to found and lead TBN Holdings Inc. and Petroleum Partners, Inc.

Demonstrating a base of knowledge that goes far beyond petroleum, Miller also served as Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland for seven years, and was Chairman during the last two years of his term. Today, he is Chairman of the Board of Graphic Packaging Holding Company, an integrated provider of paperboard packaging solutions to multinational beverage and consumer products companies, as well as Cambrex Corporation, a supplier of goods and services to the life sciences industry.

Students who meet with Miller will undoubtedly gain a unique perspective on what it means to take advantage of opportunities presented to them through co-op and experiential learning. So what was the best piece of advice anyone gave you? What would you tell the students of today that you wish someone had told you? Comment below!

Sep 28, 2011

UC Grad Puts Cincinnati on Filmmaking Map

Question: What do the University of Cincinnati, City of Cincinnati and a romantic comedy have in common?

Answer: Brad Wise, a 2002 graduate of UC’s DAAP graphic design program.

“I am a visual storyteller who relies on a team of people to accomplish a goal,” Brad noted in a recent interview with UC Where You Are. “I owe UC for giving me that foundation and teaching me how essential it is to have a relentless work ethic.”

That work ethic was put to the test recently, as Brad wrote his second feature film, the romantic comedy A Strange Brand of Happy. The film revolves around Joyce Heller, a single Christian life coach who falls for an agnostic client. Proving that life is never as simple as we’d like to make it, the film delves into such complicated topics as faith, hypocrisy, relationships and spiritual compatibility.

“Screenwriting is great if you're very comfortable rewriting,” Brad explained. “I started writing in January of 2009, and was still making changes to the script on-set. I can't tell you how many drafts I went through… dozens and dozens. I spent countless hours alone writing to Miles Davis and his contemporaries and then emerged to collaborate with a team of trusted readers and critics… only to go back to the drawing board with a glass of Cab and my friend Miles.”

The film wrapped production in early September after four weeks of shooting in Cincinnati, where Brad lives and works as the Creative Director of Vineyard Cincinnati. The film’s cast included Academy Award winner Shirley Jones (Elmer Gantry, The Partridge Family); Grammy Award winning, Rebecca St. James; comedian Marty Ingels; award winning producer/director, Joe Boyd; Joe Stevens (True Grit); Venida Evans (The Adjustment Bureau); and Ashley Palmer (Paranormal Activity). The process of editing the film and searching for distribution partners will take place over the course of the next several weeks, after which Brad will begin the writing process anew.

“I just have to decide which idea – there are about five! – I’m most passionate about right now,” he said.

Passion is a recurring theme in Brad’s life. He got his start in filmmaking after shooting a documentary and a short film at Vineyard Cincinnati in 2008. “We discovered we had a community of people passionate about telling stories together.”

Further experiments in screenwriting, producing, directing and even acting followed… though perhaps Brad’s most awe-inspiring role to-date is that of father. He and his wife had their first child in July, a son named Henry, shortly before filming A Strange Brand of Happy. 

As for his current project, he hopes a little of his own passion for self-discovery will rub off on viewers.

“I hope this film starts conversations among friends about their life passions and purposes,” Brad says. “I believe people can change the world (and have fun while they're at it) when operating out of their passion.”

If Brad’s career trajectory is any indication, we think he’s hit the nail on the head.

Sep 22, 2011

President Williams Talks about Life on the Color Line

After moving to Cleveland recently with my husband, I was ecstatic to find out that UC President, Gregory H. Williams was planning to meet with UC alumni living in the Cleveland area.

On Thursday, Sept 8, President Williams met with a small group of alumni in downtown Cleveland. While attending the reception, my husband and I met so many fascinating UC alums. For the two hours we attended the event, we felt as if we were back in Cincinnati again. We had a chance to talk about the progress UC is making in a variety of ways. President Williams discussed his strategic plan for the University.

President Williams, me, Antione Drakeford,
UC Foundation President  Mike Carroll
UC alumni at Cleveland reception
On Friday, there was a separate event at The City Club of Cleveland. President Williams talked about his book, Life on the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy Who Discovered He was Black, and his perspective as an African American. In case you are not aware, President Williams is biracial and he grew up thinking he was white until he was ten. His life drastically changed once he found out his grandmother was black. His mother left his father during this time, and his family lost everything. As one can imagine, growing up as a biracial child during the Jim Crow era made his life extremely difficult.

Listening to President Williams talk about the troubles he has endured throughout his life was empowering. He discussed the current state of race relations in the United States today, and while the President of the United States is African American, he explained we still are striving towards Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream.
UC alumni with President Williams

"The dream still lives," President Williams said. "And in my view, it is up to each one of us to keep it alive and keep it real."

Watch President Williams' speech at The City Club of Cleveland by clicking on the YouTube video above. Have you read President Williams' book? What are your thoughts?

Sep 20, 2011

UC alumni share favorite 1970s memories

From water balloon fights, to insightful words of wisdom from UC deans, to meeting spouses at UC, several UC alums recently shared their favorite memories from the 1970s.

Do you want to reminisce about your favorite UC memories from the 1970s? Join us for the 1970s Reunion on Saturday, Sept. 24 at the University of Cincinnati. Graduation is not a requirement to attend.

Can't attend? Let us know what your favorite memories are below!

Sep 19, 2011

Developed vs. Developing

If you ask Robert Herbold, it’s easy to see which country – the U.S. or China – is developed, and which one is still developing. 

In a recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal, Herbold noted that

“Recently I flew from Los Angeles to China to attend a corporate board-of-directors meeting in Shanghai, as well as customer and government visits there and in Beijing. After the trip was over, in thinking about the United States and China, it was not clear to me which is the developed, and which is the developing, country.”

So begins a guest editorial by Robert Herbold, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. The retired chief operating officer of Microsoft and current managing director of the Herbold Group, LLC, makes the case that China is one-upping the U.S., thanks to the country’s commitment to infrastructure, strong government leadership and an aggressive five year plan that seeks to improve innovation, the country’s environmental footprint and jobs creation.

Furthermore, Herbold argues, politicians and voters alike must, “snap to and realize they are getting beaten,” by polarizing issues and government red tape.

You can read the entire editorial here.

As an institution dedicated to the pursuit of academics and learning, we must pose the same question Herbold asked in his editorial:  Is the U.S. being passed by because it is developed, instead of developing? And if so, as Herbold asks, “Why is this occurring and what should the U.S. do?”

Make your points in the comments below.

Sep 17, 2011

Reconnect at 1970s Reunion

Did you attend the University of Cincinnati during the 1970s? Are you wondering what your classmates, sorority sisters, teammates, college sweethearts and friends are up to now? Well you're in luck! Join us for the first-ever 1970s Reunion: Back to the Bridge, Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 on UC's Uptown Campus.

Celebrate your days at UC and reconnect with fellow alumni starting at 4:00 p.m. on Sigma Sigma Commons. Check out the latest updates to UC's campus on a campus tour, then meet and greet your long lost comrades from 5:00-7:00 p.m., and then dance the night away to a dose of 70s hits from local band, The Remains!

If you plan on attending, please register for the reunion. For more information, visit the 1970s Reunion page.

Sep 16, 2011

Taking Online Learning to a Fun New Level

A great way to learn, while having fun.

That’s the motto of Clever Crazes for Kids, an online educational tool for students grades K-8 with strong ties to the University of Cincinnati. Founded by UC alumnae Dianne Dunkelman, the site was designed as an asset for educators, parents and guardians to boost academics and build strong minds, core ethics and healthy bodies for kids and their families.

The success of Clever Crazes revolves around the program’s ability to engage kids in learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles are integrated into everyday lives… and how these educational basics are connected to healthy individuals, healthy relationships and a healthy planet. The program’s curriculum revolves around nine areas of academic focus, called, “worlds,” that teaches kids how STEM principles through a series of fun, interactive online games and quizzes. There is even a physical fitness component, which teaches kids about nutrition and exercise. Each curriculum can be taught as an after-school activity or as a supplement to classroom-based lesson plans.

For example, in the “You and How Things Work” curriculum, students are introduced to physics, chemistry and associated topics including heat, light, and sound, as well as electricity and magnetism. Students can begin by learning a few key facts from the lesson plan, or they can just right into an interactive game that quizzes their understanding of scientific principles. As students answer questions correctly, they earn points… which may eventually help their school win a bevy of prizes.

But it’s not just the kids who are having a ball online. Parents and teachers are getting in on the action, too, with specific portals designed just for their use. Teachers can even earn graduate credit from the University of Cincinnati or certifications required for professional development credit at their schools.

Dunkelman originally launched Clever Crazes in 2006, after becoming alarmed at the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity. The original program focused on reducing the incidence of overweight and obesity in young populations… reaching children in grades K-6, as well as teachers, parents and caregivers. This education effort, which has grown from the distribution of approximately 40,000 educational supplements in 2006 to more than 1.2 million supplements in 2011 – includes information on nutrition, physical activity, self-esteem and respect for the environment.

In 2009, after focus groups with educational professionals indicated the need to boost the academics of elementary and middle school aged kids, Dunkelman expanded Clever Crazes to include supplemental learning materials that focused on the STEM disciplines. The current iteration of Clever Crazes, Version 3.0, expands the program into the world of online learning, with a safe gaming twist.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Clever Crazes could help your child or their school, check out the curriculum at or visit the program’s Facebook page.

Sep 14, 2011

UC Alum Blake Layda Reminisces About UC/Cincinnati Favorites

First you boil Kraft Mac & Cheese noodles, then heat a can of Skyline Chili, and mix them together.  This is called “Skyline Mac & Cheese,” a recipe UC Alum Blake Layda created to remind himself of Cincinnati.  Using Blake’s recipe to make Skyline Mac & Cheese has us thinking Blake could have a second career in the culinary arts if he ever gets bored as a Managing Director at Jones Lang LaSalle. 

Blake, who graduated from the College of Engineering in 1999, rates his Law for Engineering class as the most interesting and relevant class he attended with respect to his career today. Not all classes were as interesting as Law for Engineering - he recalls his engineering math classes being extremely difficult, and his Differential Equations class being the hardest of them all. 

Blake graduated with a BSCE in Civil Engineering and also swam competitively on the UC Swim & Dive Team, waking up early to swim in Laurence Hall, where the pool was located before the Recreation Center was built. He left his legacy at UC by holding the 50-yard freestyle record for over 10 years after graduation.  Currently, Blake holds records in the top 10 spots of six different swimming events.

Between studying and swimming, Blake managed to form a group of close friends who stay connected by attending the same Bearcat football game every fall. Before the game, they walk the campus and admire the transformations since they attended UC in the late ‘90s. 

Blake and his former roommate, John Wagner, recently made a joint endowment gift that is unique in that it benefits both CEAS and the UC Swim Team. Blake says he donates from a sense of loyalty to UC. His advice to current students is to enjoy college, balance a “social and scholastic life” and build networks.  Blake believes college is a place where a person grows the most.

Blake’s Cincinnati Picks

Gold Star or Skyline Chili
Graeter’s or United Dairy Farmers ice cream
Taco Bell or White Castle
Frisch’s or Pomodori’s
Adriatico’s Pizza or LaRosa’s Pizzeria
Cactus Pear or Uno
Inn the Wood or Uncle Woody’s

Sep 10, 2011

Impacting Education

With school districts throughout Ohio and the entire country facing challenges from budget constraints to deteriorating facilities to lacking math and science curricula, it’s nice to hear about the educators who are making progress in spite of these obstacles. Garrett Carter is one such educator. A Darwin T. Turner Scholar and '06 graduate of the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services with a criminal justice degree, Garrett’s career in education began as a substitute teacher.

“After accepting a long-term substitute teaching position, I knew I was meant to be an educator.”

Garrett applied to UC once again to obtain a Masters in Education. He is now in his third year of teaching middle school language arts at Northmont Middle School in Clayton, OH in a district rated Excellent with Distinction, the top rating a school in Ohio can achieve.

While some people believe teachers vacation all summer, Garrett traded “down-time” for the pursuit of publishing a book: Not an Oxymoron: Standards-Based Fun in the Classroom! 30 Projects and Activities for Middle School Language Arts.

“What excites me the most about releasing this book, are all of the students around the country who will benefit from these standards-based, meaningful, relevant, engaging, and FUN projects and activities!”

Garrett is an active alumnus and donor. “I'm not rich," he says, "but I do what I can!”

We’re thrilled to have Garrett representing the thousands of UC alumni making a huge impact in the community.

Sep 9, 2011

TGFF -- Thank Goodness For Football

Bearcat fans were so excited to kick off the 2011 football season, almost nothing could keep them away from Clifton to support the team – not even a record-breaking heat wave.

Fans came out in force to watch the ‘Cats cruise to a 72-10 victory over Austin Peay State on Saturday, September 3, even though the daytime high reached 100 degrees and shade was a precious commodity.

The UC Alumni Association’s Bearcat Blitz was packed with sun shelters and tents, as was the brand new Bearcat Tailgate Grid on Sigma Sigma Commons.

The enthusiasm for the new year was palpable, but perhaps the best showing of support came as the team made its way to the stadium on the CatWalk. The players and coaches were thrilled to see such a strong show of support, and some people had to stand on nearby tables just to get a view of the action.

The Bearcat even got a few extra cheers of support considering how hot it must have been in the bodysuit!

Here’s to hoping this victory was a sign of things to come this season. Make sure to join the party on September 17 as the Bearcats host Akron at Nippert Stadium!

Sep 6, 2011

UC Pride, even in the loo

We've seen numerous basements, offices, and family rooms adorned in red and black, but never a bathroom. UC student Chris Trimbach ('12) recently tweeted @proudlycincy photos of his parents' (Michael, '83 and Eileen, '86) red and black bathroom that looks more like a mini Bearcat museum. The bathroom has been work in progress for about 5 years, and has a ticket from every UC football bowl game since the Humanitarian Bowl. It even includes a signed Big O jersey and a ticket from the first game played at the Shoemaker Center! These are true diehard Bearcats fans!

Do you have a room in your house decorated in Red and Black from the floor to the ceiling? Can you top the Trimbach's Bearcat bathroom?

Sep 2, 2011

Training for a Marathon? UC alum has tips for you!

David with poster of his book
If you have ever considered training for a marathon, you may want to pick up UC alumnus David Levine's book: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Marathon Training! He also gave us some great insight about his experiences at UC and what he has learned since he graduated.

When did you graduate from UC and what was your major?
1980, with a major in Political Science.

What were some of the most memorable experiences you had at UC?
Way too many to write, and possibly some things would be inappropriate to mention.  I guess you could say, I grew up a lot at UC.  I do remember a housemate, Reid Horowitz, giving me a book on running in 1977.  He said, “I don’t know why I’m giving this to you, but I sense it will help you somehow.”  Well, since my first book is on running, I guess it helped - and I still have that book.

How did UC transform your life?
In several ways, but possibly the most important, I learned to question why.

What makes you proud to be a graduate of UC? Why are you Proudly Cincinnati?
UC was the first time in my life where I found I loved learning.  I learned a lot there.  Sparks began at UC, which later turned to flames.

Explain what you did after graduating from UC. What are you doing now?

Writing has always been a big part of my life, since UC.  Just after graduation, I wrote for a local paper; did PR for a theater; covered stories for a magazine, and moved to Los Angeles.  I was even an assistant to an Academy Award-winning writer  at one time. I spent a lot of my time working at studios, and after 13 years, I still work at Sony Studio, on the old MGM lot.  I stopped writing for a while, and took up endurance athletics - I wanted to see the ocean and get outside. Well, here I am writing again.  I have a few other articles which I already wrote as well.

David after an Ironman race
What have been your biggest accomplishments in your career?
The book was a good one; winning a huge theater acting award; completing Ironman races are exciting; and I have loved helping people achieve dreams and get faster, as a coach.  However, I sense that the definition of being young at heart is when you feel as if you haven’t really achieved much, and have a world of accomplishments yet unturned.  That would be me.

How did you decide to write your book about marathon training? How long did it take you to finish your book?
I have long been frustrated with the ineffective methods which most non-pro, adult athletes use to train for endurance running events.  A friend e-mailed me that a publisher was looking for writers for a book on marathon training.  I had her submit a writing sample of mine, and boom, we were in.  Our deadline was six months, and that was about how long it took to finish everything.

How does it feel to have a book that is selling nationally?
I’m not sure.  I’ve done a few lectures, but I do that sort of thing anyway.  You know, I had this idea that one day I would walk into a huge bookstore and find someone glancing at my book. Shuffling over to that person, I would mutter, “Great book,”  and then calmly walk away.  So I one day I saw this enormous bookstore closing forever.  Sad, but great discounts and I remembered this nutty idea. When I walked through the doors, I found most of the shelves to be empty, and if they ever had my book, there was no sign of it anywhere.  So I never had the experience of receiving much recognition as an author.  On the other hand, it is a new world.  Nearly all of the books I have purchased lately have been online and I seem to have received some amazing reviews on 

Anything else you would like to highlight about your career or your relationship to UC?

I miss those days at UC.  Don’t get me wrong, life gets better, if you remain positive.  However, having time to simply learn, and nothing else, would be something I would now absolutely cherish.  In fact, I’m toying with the idea of going back for a master's, if I can figure out where to find the time.  Creating time to learn is something we adults place far too little emphasis on.