Mar 29, 2011

ROAR Invites YOU to Tour UC's Campus

ROAR President Ravi Grandhi gives prospective students an
insider's perspective on life as a college student at UC.
 Ahh, spring. The air is fresh and mild, the birds are singing, and myriads of spring flowers are emerging from their winter slumber. It’s a relaxing time of year for the most part – unless you’re a high school senior still trying to decide between colleges for next fall!

Fortunately, the admissions office at the University of Cincinnati is used to this oft-faced conundrum and has a variety of resources for those still on the fence. And one of their most useful resources may be the ROAR campus tour group, a devoted group of UC students who, as a whole, give more than 1,500 tours to prospective students, parents, and even alumni who want to take in the revamped campus each year.

Ravi Grandhi, ROAR’s current president, just completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at UC this month, and is currently pursuing an MBA in Operations Management from UC’s College of Business. A tour guide for the better part of four years, Ravi describes the value of ROAR to students curious about more than purely academics. “The admissions officers and staff may be able to answer specific questions concerning the university, but the tour guides are able to show students what life is really like as a college student at UC."

Fellow tour guide Rod Gerardo shares Ravi's passion. “School spirit has a lot of different meanings, but to me, it's giving a tour of campus and showing people how great UC is. Through ROAR, I can do that every week.”

Haven’t been to campus in a while or want to show off your old stomping grounds to a graduating senior? Let ROAR's students show you what you've been missing since you last visited!

Contact ROAR’s Advisor, Ryan Harder, to schedule a tour during your next visit to Cincinnati. Or, just visit UC's YouTube Channel to get a virtual tour of various parts of campus. Tours of MainStreet and Nippert Stadium are featured right here!

Mar 25, 2011

Tears and Cheers at Match Day 2011

UC’s graduating medical students just got a peek into their future. And for many, that means more than just the next stage in their medical careers. It means life in a new city.

The annual Match Day celebration is a long-standing tradition at UC's College of Medicine, allowing med students to find out (on the spot and at random!) where they’ve matched for residency and will spend their next three to seven years in training. You can imagine the emotion and suspense of such an event...where the culmination of four long years of medical school ends with a surprise letter that is met by a wave of cheers from their biggest supporters.

Of the 156 graduating medical students, nearly half learned they will remain in Ohio for their residency positions, matching with such locations as UC Health University Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Jewish Hospital, Christ Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital.

The other 55% of the group will be taking up residency in 29 other U.S. states, including the most popular behind Ohio: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado and California.

The moment of truth is met with cheers from family, friends, professors and classmates and in many cases, followed by a few tears of joy and relief. Watch this video to see some of this year’s student reactions and then browse the 2011 gallery of photos. Then see who's heading to your city!

Mar 22, 2011

UC Professor explains High School Cliques and their Causes

Annette Hemmings, a UC Professor in Educational Studies in the School of Education, has spent the past 20 years researching the impact of society and culture on students in school, especially in urban settings.  She has especially focused her work on social groups and “cliques” that develop among students. “I’m an ethnographer, so my research is going into the schools and hanging out with the kids,” explains Hemmings. “In the course of all that, you figure out the schools and communities, and the social hierarchies in these places. The social labels that go along with this have a tremendous impact on how kids achieve in school.”

Hemmings’ research has become even more important with a strained economy and governmental budget cuts that threaten education. “What happens is that we have simplified ideas on how to fix education, and we usually ignore all of the social, cultural stuff that goes on,” explains Hemmings. “Culture, ethnicity, race, gender, and social class; all that stuff is in the mix.”

Hemmings was recently quoted in Newsweek, explaining that increasing external pressures of college applications and job markets are putting more stress on youth.  This causes further rifts across groups and social structures in schools.  But it is not all doom and gloom, as many schools are working to bridge these gaps by focusing on individual educations of students, rather than educating through a tiered system of classes.  That way students have the tools they need to succeed, and are better prepared.

Watch Hemmings’ video as she further explains her research.

Mar 18, 2011

UC Professor explains Distance Learning

According to Nancy Jennings, PhD and associate professor in UC’s Department of Communications, distance learning is quickly becoming popular for people of all ages and places seeking more convenient alternatives to continued education. That’s a major reason UC has gone to great lengths to expand its digital classroom offerings. 

So whether you’re living in Chicago, DC, New York, or anywhere outside Cincinnati’s city limits, you might not know it, but UC classes are still within your reach.

In 2010, more than 3,000 people enrolled in Distance Learning Programs at UC. Distance learning takes course instruction online, breaking free from the walls and desks of a traditional classroom.  Rather than regularly attending class at a scheduled time, students just hop online to receive instruction at their convenience.

Last year the average age of a UC distance learning student was 35, and the majority of those students were part-time.  This just goes to show that you no longer have to be in your late teens/early 20s or be able to attend school every day and earn a bachelors or graduate degree.  All you need is an internet connection. There are countless working adults pursuing bachelors and masters degrees online while managing full-time jobs or family!
Missing that UC education or been putting off starting your next degree for too long? You can take advantage of distance learning opportunities at UC no matter where you live.  Watch this video to hear Jennings’ take on how distance learning has evolved over the years and the advantages it offers to both students and faculty.

Mar 17, 2011

Chicago Goes Red, Black...and Green this St. Patty's Day

Chicago honors a timeless St. Patrick's Day tradition.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, we thought we’d spotlight one of the most recognizable (and picturesque) traditions of the holiday. To all our alumni friends in Chicago – this photo should look familiar to you!

Speaking of traditions, it’s also NCAA Tournament time! The Bearcats are back in the tourney after a five-year hiatus, and will be taking on the Missouri Tigers in Washington, DC. Tip-off should take place around 10pm tonight – so hopefully you have the day off tomorrow – or a good excuse for being late!

Though they’ve already dyed the river green, there will be lots of activities and parties in Chicago, including a Bearcats Game Watch party at O’Leary’s, located at 541 N Wells St. Meanwhile, back in Cincinnati, exam week is wrapping up and 70 degree weather is predicted – did someone say party?

So, what is everyone else doing for the game or St. Patrick’s Day this year? Any favorite traditions or can’t miss menu items you’d like to share? Comment and let us know!

Be safe, enjoy the game, and GO BEARCATS!

Mar 15, 2011

Bearcat Basketball...from NY to DC

Alumni from Cincinnati, New York and even a couple from California converged on The Hill  last week for a pre-game event in anticipation of the Bearcats' first-round Big East tournament game against South Florida. Guests enjoyed an exclusive, reserved room in the bar’s upper level. President Williams took some time to stop by and celebrate a season of success in one of college basketball’s toughest conferences.

Even though UC’s big east tournament run ended with Notre Dame, spirits are high for UC's return to the big dance. And if our NY pre-game event was any indication of the fun we'll have this Thursday, watch out DC!

Check out our photos to see if you recognize any of the Bearcats we met up with in NY last week. Like our chances against Missouri on Thursday night??? How far do you have the Bearcats in your bracket?

Mar 11, 2011

New York shares video from UC researcher visit

Last month, our New York alumni and friends gathered at the Princeton Club for a healthy (and shocking) helping of research from UC's Randy Seeley, Donald C. Harrison Endowed Chair, Professor & Director of the Cincinnati Diabetes and Obesity Center. 

Randy gave a compelling presentation proving that obesity has indeed reached epidemic proportions in our country. But do you have any idea just how bad it is?  

Watch this video to see the presentation you missed in New York...and see the astonishing rate at which obesity is killing our country. Randy explains the root of the issue and how our brains influence what we eat…

Can’t eat just one? Check out more from Seeley...

Mar 10, 2011

Big News...Announcing the 2011 Top Alumni!

2010 Taft Medal winner, Nancy Hamant, with President Williams.
Congratulations to this year's top alumni award recipients!

Each year, we honor a select group of our most distinguished and service-oriented alumni. In some cases, their work benefits our very own UC community and in other instances, their own professions or the community at large. Either way, they're doing incredible things from all corners of the country and are certainly deserving of a good ole' fashioned Bearcat tribute.

So be sure to shout out your congrats below or better yet, join us for UCAA's signature UC Day Celebration on June 9th where we'll show the UC community what makes these Bearcats so special. This year's honorees include...(drum roll, please!)...

William Howard Taft Medal for Notable Achievement
  • Dr. J. Richard Wuest (College of Pharmacy ’58, ’68, ’71) – Cincinnati, OH
Alumni Distinguished Service Award
  • Richard Foley (College of Engineering ’61) – Dayton, OH 
  • David Watkins (College of Arts & Sciences ’92) – Chicago, IL
Jeffrey Hurwitz Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award 
  • Drew McKenzie (College of Business ’05) – Cincinnati, OH
Mosaic Award
  • Dr. Eric Abercrumbie (College of Arts & Sciences 1987) – Cincinnati, OH
  • Dr. Marilyn Edmondson (Nursing ‘62 & College of Education ’76) – Smyrna, GA
Stay tuned for future guests posts from some of our nominators who will share their personal connections to our winners. Can't wait until then? Read more about our winners here.

Mar 7, 2011

UC Alums Go House Hunting in Detroit with HGTV

Carla and Mark film a scene with their two daughters in tow.
 Carla Perrotta (’01) and Mark Ferri (’00) were in Italy when they got “the call.”  The University of Cincinnati graduates – she with a degree in international affairs, he with a degree in fine arts (sculpture) – had just been selected by producers to participate in an upcoming episode of the Home & Garden Television (HGTV) channel’s House Hunters program, which follows participants through the process of purchasing a new home.
“The producers called and emailed me.  We were very excited, as was my family in Italy!” recalls Carla, an information technology/intellectual property attorney who resides with her husband in Troy, a suburb of Detroit.  The couple had applied for the show through their real estate agent, who thought they would be a good fit.

“We wanted to move from our condo in downtown Detroit, to the suburbs,” Carla explained.  “We have two young daughters, Elena (3) and Francesca (11 months). We needed a place where we could raise them, a yard where they could play.”  Among the other features they sought in their new home: a large, open kitchen where they could entertain, and studio space where Mark, a design sculptor with General Motors, could work on his art. 

The episode, which aired on Feb. 24, showed the couple touring three homes.  While legalities prevent Carla and Mark from sharing many details of their experience, the year-long process – from application to air date – was a great time, and a source of pride within their circle of friends and family. 

“Our friends, family and neighbors were very excited to see us, and themselves, on TV. I think we’re all really proud of how it turned out,” Carla said. “Plus, Mark and I had a blast filming the episode.  The producer and crew were so easy and fun to work with!”

Carla and Mark pose for a quick shot with HGTV film crew.

Their days on TV now behind them, Carla, Mark and their girls are busy settling into their new home. “In the end, we found a great new house,” she says. “My advice to those who might want to participate in similar programming is just to relax and have fun.”

While the episode is not yet available on the HGTV website, it is available on iTunes for $1.99 – the episode is called “Growing Family Needs a House.” You can also read more about it on the HGTV website here.

Mar 4, 2011

President Williams Brings UC to Florida

Thanks to everyone who joined President Williams’ celebration of UC in Florida February 17th-20th. His road trip included stops in Miami, Orlando, Naples and Sarasota!

If you weren’t lucky enough to make the trip, the Florida sun wasn’t all you missed. In addition to a visit and book-signing with President Williams, Jay Chatterjee took guests on a retrospective tour of the 20-year master plan that successfully resulted in UC’s beautiful, world-renowned campus.

And in Orlando and Naples, guests were blown away by the inspirational words of senior urban planning student and future guest-blogger, Victoria Fromme. Stay tuned for her appearance on “UC Where YOU Are” in early April, where she’ll share her full presentation and how UC landed her in Florida for a co-op job.

Were you with us in Florida? Check out the Florida photo gallery to find yourself, friends and colleagues and if we missed you, hear what President Williams had to say in this short video snippet.

Mar 2, 2011

CCM Opera Grad Shares Voice with Ohio Senator

CCM alum Lindsay Deeter performs National Anthem.

As a graduate of CCM's opera program, it may come as no surprise that my college experience was a bit “out of the ordinary.” By no means did I miss out on the normal UC college experiences – camping out for Crosstown Shootout tickets, pulling an all-nighter the night before a big test, hanging out with friends at Uncle’s Woody’s. But I also had my fair share of not so “ordinary” things – like spending an entire summer in Lucca, Italy performing in “Casanova’s Homecoming” and another in Malibu singing for the world-famous composer Jake Heggie.

Even so, nothing quite compares to my latest debut on Capitol Hill. Ohio Senator Rob Portman, invited me to sing The National Anthem for his Jan. 5th swearing-in ceremony. Each Senator-elect gets sworn in at the Capitol Building’s Senate floor by Vice President Joe Biden and I was asked to sing at his reception later that day. Naturally, it was an opportunity I could not pass up.

Deeter poses with mom and Senator Portman and his wife.
As the 400 guests arrived in the hearing room, I began working up the courage to sing the tune I’d been rehearsing in my head for weeks straight. Everyone was enjoying Ohio favorites – Smucker’s Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, Montgomery Inn barbeque and Skyline Chili. The Senator was taking pictures with his family and friends when Vice President Biden and his wife arrived. By sheer luck, I fell in his path and was able to greet him and shake his hand.

People always ask me if I get nervous before I sing and I always have the same answer, “No, I just use my nerves as adrenaline to do the best job I can.” And this performance was no exception.

The program began and I was introduced immediately after the invocation. As the lyrics left my lips, I couldn’t help but remember what I’d been told earlier –singing is not traditionally permitted in the hearing rooms. But this was no traditional occasion and was certainly a moment I would look back on with fond memories.

In that moment, my UC pride combined with my Ohio roots left me feeling both Proudly Cincinnati and Proudly Ohio all at once – and I couldn’t have been happier to be the voice for such an incredible moment in history. I can say with 100% certainty that I’ll never hear The National Anthem again without being taken back to that day on Capitol Hill.

Posted by: Lindsay Deeter, College-Conservatory of Music, 2006

Mar 1, 2011

Chicago’s Maddox, DAAP alum honored with 2011 Legend Award

Eva Maddox, DAAP alum and 2011 Legend Award receipient.
Photo credited to Contract Magazine.
Congratulations to Chicago alum and UC Foundation Trustee Eva Maddox, who recently won the 2011 Legend Award by Contract Magazine! This award pays tribute to Eva’s significant career accomplishments rooted in her UC education and her impact on the field of interior design. Among those accomplishments, Contract boasts:

“Maddox has designed millions of square feet of office, showroom, healthcare, museum, and institutional space nationally and internationally; has garnered more than 100 awards for her work; and has founded an innovative design graduate school in inner city Chicago that serves as a model for community and social development.”

And that’s just the introduction! Eva’s deep connection with UC played a prominent role in her success story.

“Maddox’s design journey began in Viola, Tenn., where her mother, who was a high school advisor at the time, assessed her daughter’s talents and inclinations and urged her to attend the University of Cincinnati. Maddox and her mother could see that it’s top-rated College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning program, which emphasized both theory and practice, would enable her to leverage her problem-solving and math skills with her creative interests, while giving her the experience she needed to thrive in the workplace. Maddox says her mother told her: “When you graduate, you will have a job.” The wisdom of her mother’s guidance continues to affect the designer to this day.”

Though the university has changed dramatically since Eva’s graduation, the cornerstones of her education still ring true today.

“Maddox sees the University’s interdisciplinary education program as the pivotal starting point for the adaptive and integrative approach she uses to solve programs in her current practice. And since she graduated in 1966, a relationship of reciprocal loyalty and respect has emerged between the designer and her alma mater, which over the years has enlisted her to design the entrance hall and exhibition space of a significant new building on its campus (Richard E. Lindner Hall in Varsity Village), invited her to join its foundation board of trustees, and awarded her with an honorary doctorate of fine arts degree.”

Be sure to congratulate your fellow Bearcat on this tremendous honor by commenting below. And check out the full article here!