May 6, 2011

DAAP Student Describes Her Co-op and Study Abroad Experience in Washington, D.C. Video Tour

Before coming to college, I never thought I would say in just four short years I:
  • Participated in eight design studios with significant professionals
  • Studied and researched abroad in seven different countries
  • Have not lived in one place for more than 12 weeks—having the opportunity to explore new cities, different thinking, and experiencing countless opportunities to network.
I received the UC International scholarship for study abroad. This monetary assistance allowed me to partake in cultural ceremonies and rituals unique to Indonesian culture, in order to successfully research the effects of tourism on local culture.

The research and study abroad programs at UC allowed me to diversify my interests, bringing me to my passion of international affairs and global humanitarian aid.

My resume speaks for itself on why I love UC. I'm Victoria Fromme, senior urban planning student in DAAP and I am Proudly Cincinnati!

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