Jul 26, 2011

Yu Yin credits UC Alumni Association for her strong start in the business world

When Yu Yin became a member of the UC Alumni Association’s volunteer Board of Governors in July, it highlighted the global nature of the UC alumni family, the career development assistance available through the UCAA, and the manner in which lifelong Bearcats continuously pay it back and pay it forward with each other.

Yin, a native of China, received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting from the Northeast Agricultural University in China before earning another master’s in business from UC in 2010. She is a tax consultant with Deloitte Tax LLP in Cincinnati, and credits her UC Alumni Association experience as a new grad for her strong start in the business world.

Since I became an international graduate student in UC’s College of Business, I have seen the significant influence of the UC Alumni Association. The organization holds a lot of events and activities that tremendously help students from outside of the United States. In this way, we feel like the Alumni Association is a bridge connecting international students with more UC friends and families. We also feel like the UCAA is a big family whose members care about every student and alumnus.

When I was invited to join the UC Alumni Association Board of Governors, I was certainly thrilled. I am a beneficiary of the UCAA, and my wonderful experience with the Alumni Association highly inspired me to accept the Board appointment. In fact, involving myself with the UCAA was a life-changing event for me.

I was very frustrated about job hunting as I approached my graduation. Then I attended an international graduates reception held jointly by UC’s international office and the UCAA, and I met a lot of international students as well as alumni. They all expressed their interest and concerns about my life and my job hunting. One of the alumni was Mr. Steve Simendinger, who was president of the UC College of Business Alumni Advisory Board back then, and also a former president of the UC Alumni Association board. He encouraged me and gave me great advice about how to build a network in order to expand my contacts.

He also introduced me to other UC alumni, including Mr. Chris Dalambakis, a manager with Steelcase, Inc., and Mr. Bob Carroll, a tax director with Deloitte, who might have additional contacts in my field or further job hunting guidance. Ms. Maureen Moorhead, a UC alumna and volunteer with International Friendships, Inc., who generously provided me with career coaching to equip me with the necessary job hunting skills. After these conversations and help, I felt much more confident and was able to expand my network a lot. Eventually I found a job in my field, which I enjoy very much.

I truly appreciate all the help and concerns from the alumni of UC, and I appreciate the opportunities provided by the UCAA. I’m eager to become one of them, which would give me the opportunity to devote myself to the UC community. I would like to be advisory and helpful to alumni who may need help just like I did. Thanks, UCAA, for giving me the chance to serve on the Board of Governors!

Yu Yin, BUS ’10

The UC Alumni Association offers a range of career development resources, from the kind of assistance Yu Yin describes to a powerful online tool called Career Resource Network and vibrant LinkedIn community, free to everyone in the UC alumni family.

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