Feb 7, 2012

Father, Son Alums Publish Motivational Book about "Going the Distance"

How far are you willing to go for a loved one?

Sharing both the Bearcat and father/son bonds, UC alums Jim Serger Jr. and Sr. recently came together to answer this question on their own terms. The duo wrote and published their first book, Go the Distance, to share a redemptive personal story about the power of unconditional love through life’s greatest challenges.

For the Sergers, their greatest challenge – and the inspiration for their book – was Jim Senior’s battle with alcoholism. Despite the toll the disease took on the family, the Sergers came out of it stronger and with a personal testimony to the power of family commitment.

“The book is about highs and lows. It’s about being down in the valley and looking toward the tallest peak,” Jim Jr. said. “We wrote it to help others see that no matter how big the challenge, there are ways to survive the storm. Life gave us extra innings and we took advantage of them and we hope it’s an inspiration for anyone else facing the same family hardships we faced.”

Jim Jr. credits his UC experience for empowering him to overcome his family odds. “Once I graduated I was prepared to handle any obstacle. UC equipped me with the skills to handle the work place and anything life threw at me.”

Jim Jr. earned his degree from the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences in 1991. After graduating, he joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed aboard the USS Independence CV – 62. During his four year deployment in Yokosuka, Japan, Jim climbed Mount Fuji and backpacked throughout Asia. He currently serves as the plant manager at the Indianapolis Home City Ice.

His father, Jim Sr., was selected by the Philadelphia Phillies out of high school, but opted to play third base on UC’s baseball team. He graduated from University College in 1967. He raised his family in Anderson Township for 30 years. A youth baseball head coach for 14 years, Jim strengthened the bond between himself and his two sons through this shared love.

Let us know what’s inspired you to “go the distance” in your own life – this book, a friend’s advice, a UC professor or class?

Video courtesy of Cincinnati's Fox 19.com

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