Jun 20, 2012

Bearcats Come Back: Give Back for a Chance to Come Back as a UC VIP!

When was the last time you visited the University of Cincinnati's campus? Ever wanted to get a flyover tour of campus by helicopter? Don't miss your chance to come back in style as a "UC VIP!"

By making a gift of at least $18.19 by June 30, you can help UC reach an all-time high in alumni participation (the rate of alumni who give back each year). Your gift - in any amount - moves us even closer to our goal of 18.19 percent participation and makes you eligible for our daily "UC VIP" alumni experience giveaways. 

If you've already donated this year, opt-in for your chance to win one of our UC VIP experiences.

We've already named 11 UC VIP Bearcats who are coming back to tour the President's office, host a pre-game tailgating party for their friends, tour the UC Athletics facilities and much more.  Check to see if you know any of our VIPs.

Our first VIP, Lance Sprague, gave back to UC, won and chose to attend a UC pre-season basketball game in the President's box.

"UC's given me so much, and gave me so many opportunities through their programs and the co-op experience, so I thought it was worth it," said Sprague, a 2011 A&S graduate. "I'm excited to go back to UC because of all the transformation that's happened on campus."

Don't miss your chance to come back as a UC VIP! There's only 11 days left, so hurry!

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