Sep 17, 2012

An Alumni Network Leader Comes Home

Stephanie and Dan Dodd
A crisp breeze. Blue skies. Hints of yellow and orange on the trees. It must be fall.

The distant sound of the band warming up. The laughter of students and alumni as we head to our favorite Clifton establishment early in the morning. It must be Homecoming.   
The excitement of UC Homecoming Weekend is a celebration of our campus, organizations and success as a university.  As friends and alumni gather, our college years seem so fresh in our minds and the memories come rushing back.

For me, UC Homecoming will always mean something more. I was a student enjoying another Homecoming celebration not knowing it would be a day I would come to treasure.  Just a few weeks earlier I ran into a high school classmate who was beginning his first year as a student at the UC College of Law. I hoped that I might run into him that Homecoming morning and, as it turns out, Dan hoped for the same. Twelve years later, we celebrate seven years of marriage and two beautiful little girls.

As one of the leaders of the UC Alumni Association’s Central Ohio Regional Alumni Network, I come back to campus every year for Homecoming with the opportunity to meet with other network leaders and university officials. Hearing everyone discuss the successes and passion in cities across the nation is a firm reminder that we are united and proud of our university. From game watches to cheering on our Bearcats to educational gatherings on the history of UC’s campus, our regional UCAA networks provide something for everyone. Add some new memories to your great UC memories of days gone by — Get involved with your local UC Alumni Network today!

Go Cats!

Stephanie (Wilson) Dodd
Bus ’02

If you live outside of Cincinnati, and want to get involved with the UC Alumni Association, join your alumni network!

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