Jan 28, 2011

10 Local Alumni You Should Know in New York!

Spanning the arts world, corporate America and even the entertainment industry, UC alum have made their mark on the Big Apple. Did you realize the following notable New Yorkers were Bearcats?

Susan Alexander (BUS ’77), Executive Vice President – Human Resources, Sotheby’s, Inc.

Stephen Flaherty (CCM ’82), Composer. 

Marilyn Gaston (MED ’64), Former US Assistant Surgeon General.

Hendrik Hartong (A&S ’62), Co-founder and Chairman, Brynwood Partners.

Stan Herman (DAAP ’50 & HON ’08), leading uniform designer in the world, the leading loungewear designer, and the number one per-minute salesman on QVC.

Jerry Leamon (BUS ’73), Global Managing Partner, Global Mergers and Acquisitions Group, Deloitte LLP.

Kevin McCollum (CCM ’84), Chairman, The Producing Office.  Broadway Producer.

Fred Nazem (A&S ’67), Founder and Managing Partner, Nazem & Co.

John Riggi (A&S ’78), Producer, 30 Rock.

Richard Thornburgh (BUS ’74), Vice Chairman, Corsair Capital, LLC.

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