Jan 2, 2011

UC Grad Goes From Clifton to Capitol Hill

UC alum Tim Lolli recently accepted a position to join
John Boehner's leadership staff in our nation's capitol.
Since graduating in June, I’ve gone through quite a whirlwind of changes adjusting to life beyond UC. Aside from the natural adjustment to a 9am-6pm work day, I’ve also had to adjust to life in a new city, setting “norms” differing from that of a University of Cincinnati collegian. My dedication to cheering on Cincinnati athletics is no longer housed between Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena, but now in local bars along Eastern Market and Dupont Circle. However I’m still searching to find a local watering hole as reliable as Uncle Woody’s to adopt as an official UC hangout where fellow alums can gather to cheer on our Bearcats in D.C. Any suggestions?

This past August, I moved from Cincinnati to Washington, D.C. for an internship on Capitol Hill. Over the past five months, I’ve had the privilege to work for Representative and House Minority Leader, John Boehner. I've worked closely with legislative and staff assistants serving his constituents in the 8th District of Ohio. Though my internship lasted a mere four months, the experiences I had were seemingly endless. Touring the entire capitol, including the underground tunnels, and standing on top of the dome was probably one of my most favorite experiences. While attending House Committee meetings and walking on the House floor, rubbing elbows with some of the most powerful politicians in the U.S. Government, I have honed in on some invaluable skills required to be a successful leader.

During my internship, another experience, which was quite possibly my favorite, brought me back to the great state of Ohio. For two weeks leading up to the general election, I traveled the entire state experiencing first hand the power of our country's republic. This assignment was not only fun and fulfilling but it brought me back to Cincinnati for the greatest weekend of the year, UC's Homecoming!

Needless to say, Washington, D.C. and my internship with John Boehner have provided experiences and opportunities that I will refer back to my entire life. Recently, John was selected by the Republican Party as Speaker-Designate; and on January 5th, he will be inaugurated as the 53rd Speaker of the House of Representatives. Along with this historic news, I'm very excited to report on a personal note, that though my internship has ended, my time in Washington and on Capitol Hill will not be coming to an end. I've accepted a position to become a member of John Boehner's leadership staff and will be working full time inside our nation’s capitol. The strong foundation I received while earning my bachelors degree at the University of Cincinnati, has led me to where I am today. And as a proud UC alum I’ve attached all I’ve learned to an even deeper appreciation for why I am Proudly Cincinnati!

Posted by: Tim Lolli, BBA, Marketing, '10
UC Student Body Past President


  1. Tim - congrats & thanks for sharing your experience with us! Hope everything goes smoothly today as John Boehner gets sworn in. You make us Proudly Cincinnati! And hopefully someone in the DC network can help recommend a watering hole like Uncle Woody's!

  2. Fortunately for DC and unfortunately for Tim Lolli there are only 29,622 registered Republicans in DC, out of 600,000 people or so. Even if there was a bar that showed a UC game, he'd be have a really hard time finding a friendly face.