Feb 9, 2011

UC Love Stories: Kimberlee and Robert Dobbs

Kim and Bob performing during a
Bearkittens halftime show –
the “O” on her sweater is from
high school!
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… and what could be a better way for us to celebrate than by sharing some of our favorite UC love stories! Here’s the story of Kimberlee and Robert Dobbs:

Kimberlee (Kramer) Dobbs can still point to the exact place at Nippert Stadium where her future husband, Robert, introduced himself for the first time. It was Homecoming Weekend, 1974.

“He had been working on his fraternity float all night and was a bit scruffy looking.  His first words to me were, ‘You don't know me, but we are going out tonight,’” says Kim, reminiscing over the moment in November 1974, when the couple first met. “I was on the Bearkittens squad and Bob was the fraternity brother of one of the trumpet players in the band.  It was love at first sight for both of us!”

The couple’s first date was a Homecoming dance at Bob’s fraternity. “He kept me out until three in the morning…  My mom was at the door waiting!” Kim recalls.

Despite the late night, the couple’s relationship flourished. They became engaged in January of 1975, a scant two months after meeting, and married in December of that same year.

Just a sophomore when she and Bob married, Kim noted that many of her favorite memories took place on UC’s campus. She danced with the Bearkittens, so she and Bob attended many football and basketball games together.
Kim (’78) and Bob (’76) Dobbs
“He was my groupie,” Kim explains. “Once a year, the Bearkittens would do a special dance during one of the halftime shows during basketball season. Bob would always be my partner. It was great fun including him in an activity that was such a big part of my life!”

Like many UC love stories, Kim and Bob have shared their memories surrounding UC with their family. All three of the Dobbs’ children graduated from UC, as has Kim’s brother, sister and father.

“We’re definitely a Bearcat family,” says Kim. “And imagine – it all started with a Homecoming float!”

Do you have a great UC love story to share? Comment below and tell us how you met your spouse or significant other at UC! And check back for more in this special series of "UC Love Stories."


  1. I love this story - what a fun couple!

  2. My wife and I met and began dating during our freshman year as members of the UC Men's and Women's Chorus. We met in the DVAC building during rehearsals. I mention the building because my first year employeed as I high school teacher, I befriended a coworker of mine near retirement who had graduated from UC as well. In conversation about our Alma Mater, he went on to tell me that he met his wife in the same building at UC, but for different reasons. Both my friend and his wife are physical education teachers and met when the DVAC building was called the Schmidlapp Building and was used as a gym. Though our reasons for attending UC were different, and the use of the building had changed, we can both point to the same building at the same University as the beginning point of our marriages.

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