Feb 8, 2011

UC Professor Gives Sneak Peek of Feb. 16th NY Event

Still sticking to your New Years resolution to live a healthier lifestyle and maintain a more well-balanced diet? We hope so! Either way, no time is better than now to be educated of those internal forces you simply can't control when trying to lose weight.

According to UC professor and Director of the Cincinnati Diabetes and Research Center, Randy Seeley, PhD, America's obesity epidemic is driven more by the conversation between our body and brain and less by proven weight loss therapies and drugs or even our own will power to put the fork down.

Randy shares a sneak peek of next week's visit to New York where he'll host a seminar for UC alumni to learn from his expertise in obesity and weight loss challenges. Join Randy and your fellow New York alumni on Feb. 16th at the Princeton Club of New York. For more details and to register for this event, contact Lindsay Deeter – lindsay.deeter@uc.edu or 513-556-0435.

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