Apr 27, 2011

Get your clubs ready for the Columbus Golf Outing!

Outside of the Cincinnati area, UC alumni living in the same city share a strong common bond. If we know each other already, we immediately feel that sense of camaraderie. If we meet and learn each other’s college lineage by accident, we’re apt to exclaim, “Hey, you’re a Bearcat, too? Great!” And maybe we even add the trademark “Ooooooohhhhhh, U-C!!!” with the signature “UC” arm gesture!

I think that feeling of brotherhood may be even stronger here in Columbus. Even though we’re less than 100 miles up I-71 from campus, sometimes it can feel like we’re on another planet. Since we’re surrounded by the alumni and influence of another university, it’s extra fun and rewarding to connect with fellow Bearcats among all the Buckeyes. After all, we know where we came from, we know how much our UC experience means in our lives, we know how much UC has advanced in recent years, so we are very Proudly Cincinnati.

There are more than 6,700 UC alumni in central Ohio, and our activity level is rising along with the fortunes of our alma mater. Greater Columbus annually sends an increasing number of students to UC (click here to see a photo album of the most recent Senior Sendoff event, where alums give our area’s UC freshmen-to-be a warm welcome to the UC family). And each year, one outstanding high school senior receives scholarship aid from the Central Ohio Regional Alumni Network to attend UC.

That scholarship fund, as well as UC Athletics, will benefit from our third annual Central Ohio Regional Network Golf Outing coming up on Monday, June 27, at the Riviera Golf Club in Dublin. In the first two years of the golf outing, we have raised about $20,000 for the Central Ohio Regional Alumni Network Scholarship Fund and UC Athletics.

If you like to be with other Bearcats … If you like to play golf and support a great cause … If you want to meet our special guests, including UC Football Coach Butch Jones, former NCAA and Olympic champion George Wilson and his UC teammate, former basketball coach Tony Yates … Then please plan to join us. Click here for more details.

And if you want to get more involved in UC Alumni Association or Proudly Cincinnati Campaign activities in the Columbus area, please contact me at besturm@columbus.rr.com or by phone – work 614-228-1101 or home 614-985-1128. We’re in the midst of our 1819 National Face-Off competition right now, so if you’re not currently supporting UC — even in a small way — this is a great opportunity to pitch in!

- Contributed by Brad Sturm, A&S '82

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