Jun 24, 2011

UC Prof Wants Students to Learn that Leaders are Givers

Greg Sizemore, an adjunct professor at UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science, recognized a problem with one of his courses.  Though he teaches Leadership Development, this course is only able to teach theory and principle. "Leadership has to be modeled," explains Sizemore, "it can never just be taught."

A couple years ago, Sizemore set off to find a way to better teach the course, especially to convey a key theme to the course, that leaders have to be givers.  Sizemore challenged his students on how to demonstrate this principle, which led to the creation of a scholarship fund.  Sizemore provided a matching grant for the scholarship, encourage students to donate, which generated $12,000 in funding.  Since then, Sizemore's scholarship fund has been endowed, and continues to grow; drawing more donations with each new Leadership Development class, providing direct philanthropy experience for students.

Are you active with promoting a sense of "giving back" with future generations?


  1. Impressive! It is very easy to become a leader when you have a great model of success. Mr. Siezmore examplifies motivation and hardwork. Truly a man that sees the bigger picture and brings fourth the very best of his students. A scholarship fund only makes sense.

  2. This is an amazing program and the six months that I spent with this group of people has made myself along with all of the other people I was with grow tremendously both academically and professionally. This is a program that is started by the students and is for the students, everyone should try to back up what they are doing for each other.

  3. You'll never find a better example of someone leading by example.