Jun 10, 2011

UC Alumni Advice Part 2

With UC's Commencement ceremonies beginning today, here are some more pieces of advice for new UC Grads!

Ken Keilholz Cincinnati, Ohio
BBA, Information Systems / Entreprenuership, Lindner College of Business, Class of 1999
Don't be afraid to pursue a niche, but make sure you can always see the big picture. Those that can integrate technology to solve business problems or boost productivity are of exceptional value - making them difficult to replace/outsource.

Greg Frazier Detroit, Ohio
MS, Quantitive Analysis, Lindner College of Business
Thank all of the people that helped you. Take your degree, set it aside for a little while. Do something that you enjoy that is also a benefit to your community. In other words, chill for a moment to reflect on where you want to go in life. Try out a few new experiences and when (if) the opportunity presents itself, apply what you have learned. If the opportunity doesn't, learn from that experience.

John Drennan Cincinnati, Ohio
BBA, Operations Management & Entrepreneurship, Lindner College of Business
Get out and network. Make time to meet new people in different industries and learn from their experiences. This is a great way to stumble across a new opportunity, continue learning, and give back to your community. Volunteer your time and meet some new people. Plus you can add it to your resume and it gives you something to talk about during an interview!

Drew McKenzie Cincinnati, Ohio
BBA, Marketing, Management, Lindner College of Business

Be flexible and open to doing things that might not have been part of your planned path, you might find that you really love doing something other than what you planned.

Also be sure to check out Alumnus Justin Gibson's latest blog entry, "Pomp and Extreme Circumstance..."  He offers further advice to new UC grads on how to apply their college experience to the real world's job markets.

Thanks to all who offered such brilliant advice! Check out the UC Alumni Association's Career Services section for additional resources.

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