Aug 17, 2011

Chicago Hosts Summer Send-Off Events

Going to a college over five hours away can be scary for an 18-year olds who has never had to live on their own.  This is why a Summer Send-Off event is held every year, so incoming UC students from the Chicago area can meet one another before fall classes start.  In a school of over 41,000 students it is nice to know a familiar face.

This year there were two Summer Send Off events held.  The events were the same, just at two different places and two different times, so incoming students from the Chicago area and their parents had the best chance of attending.  The first gathering was held on Thursday, July 28 at the home of UC alumnus Jeff Hopkins.  The second was Saturday, July 30, at the home of Bob and Kathleen Kaska (Kathleen and her daughter are UC alumni and her son is a current student at UC).

The gatherings were not only a chance for incoming students and parents to meet other families, they also helped the students learn a little about what to expect when they get to Cincinnati.  They were able to talk to alumni and current students as well as feast on Graeter’s Ice Cream, from the famous Cincinnati establishment.  There was also a raffle held for the incoming students where a few lucky winners walked away with UC Bookstore Gift Certificates and other great prizes.

Chicago is a hidden jewel when it comes to UC supporters who take care of their own, and organizing this Summer Send Off event is a great example.  There are over 4,000 UC alumni in the Chicago area, yet fewer than 20 students from the Chicago area will be freshmen at the University of Cincinnati.  Congratulations to the incoming class of 2011; the next few years will be ones that you never forget!

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