Oct 24, 2012

New CEAS Learning Center Provides Students with Collaborative Space

The UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Learning Center, located on the eighth floor of Rhodes Hall, opened its doors at the beginning of Autumn Semester. The new Center provides an academic home for the Department of Engineering Education and first year students. 

Designed to keep students engaged and connected, the center accommodates 175 students and features state-of-the-art wired classrooms, open study areas, mobile tables and chairs, white boards and an inviting social area.

Within the first few weeks of classes, students filled the center on a daily basis, meeting with instructors, other students and tutors. The new space fosters a sense of belonging among students, which is especially important for students living off campus or taking courses outside of the college.

Several UC alumni, including Chicagoans for Cincy! leader, Bob Fealy, were instrumental in raising funds for the Learning Center. Generous support from alumni and donors has helped create a collaborative learning environment for current and future students.

For more information about the center, please click here.

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  1. Now that you've had some time to try out some of the spaces at the Learning Center, which ones are your favorite and why?