Apr 29, 2013

First Generation Student Reflects on Time at UC

Obye Davis served as a Student Orientation Leader at UC,
which is one of his favorite memories. 
As one of the first students from the Gen-1 House, Obye Davis, prepares to graduate, he recently shared how his UC experience transformed his life. From his coursework within the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences and his communication major, to his multiple internships and extracurricular activities, Davis credits his education for enabling him to achieve his goals.

Attending a university that embraces diversity helped Davis step outside of his comfort zone. In 2010, Davis became a Student Orientation leader for the University - an experience that changed his life.

“For the first time, I was able to talk to people not like myself, and I was forced to flourish in areas different than what I was used to,” Davis explained. “UC furnished the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone, and it changed my life.”

Davis became a leader in the ADVANCE program, which aids African American students in making the transition from college to professional careers. He also became active in the Student Alumni Council, Student Development Council, Student Government, Collegiate 100 Honorary, NAACP, and the United Black Student Association (USBA). Davis was also a founding member of GQ, which is a group dedicated to increasing the graduation rate of black males at UC.

Davis gained valuable experience working for
the mayor of Cincinnati's office.
When reflecting about his time at UC, Davis recognizes many moments with these student activities as some as his favorite. “There’s a tie for my favorite UC memory. It’s between my entire summer spent being a Student Orientation Leader, and being initiated into the Collegiate 100 Honorary,” Davis said. “My experience as a freshman in the Gen-1 house will also be a memory I always cherish.”

Davis worked multiple jobs while attending the university to help pay for school, and received  valuable professional experience from multiple internships. One of his most treasured experiences was the opportunity to work in the mayor’s office of the City of Cincinnati.

“I had the opportunity to plan and execute the Mayor’s 8th Annual Youth Jobs and Opportunities Fair,” Davis said, “I organized press conferences and created press kits. I gained lots of experience and even received a job offer!”

As Davis prepares for the next chapter of his life, he credits his involvement at UC for helping him understand others. “Because of my involvement, I gained an understanding the different of the shoes others walk in. I think the one thing I stress to others is to have the ability to step in the shoes of others and understand their point of view,” Davis explained. “I am Proudly Cincinnati because I realize the struggles and triumphs of others.”

While Davis does not have any concrete plans after graduation, he’s still weighing his options. A year ago he was uncertain about his job prospects, but now has various offers from a few different companies.

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