Apr 30, 2013

UC Alumni Give Career Advice to New Graduates

The past weekend the University of Cincinnati awarded more than 6,000 degrees. On the UC Alumni Association's Linkedin group and Facebook page, we recently asked our alumni to offer up their best advice for new college grads.

Below is a sampling of career advice from our alums. If you have any tidbits of your own you'd like to share, please feel free to comment below, or join in on the actual discussion on Linkedin!

"My career advice is to remind yourselves daily that learning is what life and work is all about. Continue to foster that interest and curiosity in the work world each day like you did through college. You are not expected to know or pretend to know everything, only continue to be interested and learn so that you can apply what you learn in the best manner possible. All of us live life and work each day. How we approach the way we live can be by design or by default (allowing life to happen to you). I recommend choosing to live it by design rather than default." - Janine Melink-Hueber

"Make your first priority finding a great company even though you may not start out with the perfect job. Then do fabulous work and spend time networking so you'll be in line for future promotions toward that dream job." - Debbie Kibler Speer

"Stand tall, be proud, your degree means as much and more than degrees from the'Elite' schools...you are ELITE!" - Robert Buchholz

"Create long term goals for yourself before beginning your job search. Write them down, and look for opportunities that will only assist you in achieving those goals! Good luck Bearcats!" - Joe Cafferty

"Your first job may not be your ideal job but you have to start somewhere!" - Kathy Imhoff-Witt

What career advice do you have for new graduates? Share your suggestions by commenting below!

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