Mar 20, 2012

New Program Gathers Students and Alumni Around the Dinner Table

Diners take a quick photo break with their host alum,
Myron Hughes, at Clifton's Cactus Pear restaurant.
Nothing brings people together better than good food and great company! Such was the reasoning behind the UC Student Alumni Council's decision to create the all-new  "Dinner with 12 Strangers" program, which brings students and alumni together around the dinner table to make Bearcat connections across varying generations, careers and interests.

The second annual event held  this February included five dinners hosted by alumni all around Cincinnati (up from two last year). 

Even family members got in on the fun at the Uhls' dinner
hosted at their home in Sharonville.
The Student Alumni Council looks to grow the program within Cincinnati next year, and even possibly to include future alumni hosts in networks across the country too.

Thanks to this year’s alumni hosts, including:
  • Tom and Missy Uhl (Business, '85)
  • Scott and Eileen Tucker (Engineering, '83 and '91)
  • Chris and Andrea Zahumensky (Business, '98 and '00)
  • Myron Hughes and Diane Lewis (Business, '86; Evening '94 and Business, '99)
  • Richard Posey and Jeff Klump (DAAP, '85)
“We really enjoyed the students,” Zahumensky said. “They were so easy to talk to and seemed genuinely happy to be there and engage. We had a nice, diverse group across ages and student groups but still found lots of commonalities to discuss. We’d definitely participate again and would also encourage other alumni to
do the same. What a great event!”

The event provides an opportunity for students and alumni to interact in a fun and relaxing environment, while also expanding their networks and developing relationships with fellow Bearcat mentors.

“The dinner was a great opportunity to step outside my typical Saturday night and spend it with such accomplished and interesting individuals," said Ella Koachway, a current junior majoring in hospitality management. "Hearing one another speak and meeting others who are bound for successful futures encouraged me within my own journey.”

Want to host or co-host a dinner in your city the next time around? Let us know below!

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