Mar 23, 2012

“Where is My Uniform??!!”

Myron Hughes, Executive
Director, UC Alumni Association

The Bearcats' appearance in last night's Sweet Sixteen tournament game was met with unbridled red and black pride from coast to coast. Myron Hughes, executive director of the UC Alumni Association and '86 grad, shares his lingering emotions from the trip to Boston and his heartfelt appreciation for Bearcat alumni and fans everywhere.

Hughes' excitement for Bearcats Basketball
stems from his former days as a UC player.

When I played basketball for the Bearcats in the 1980s, we had some good, tough teams and played some big games, but we never made it to the NCAA Tournament. I’m sure that’s partly why I’ve had the recent urge to suit up and get back on the floor. Last night I actually started to report to the scorer’s table so I could bang against Sullinger for a while. Yes, the atmosphere, excitement and intensity have been that unbelievable!

The outcome of the much anticipated Ohio State rematch wasn’t what we wanted, but the season exceeded our expectations, our team made us very proud, and I’m just as pumped the day after the game as I was before tip-off. That’s because of the UC fans! They came to Boston in great numbers, wearing their Bearcat gear, and ready to roll! There were UC people here from all generations — senior citizens providing “veteran leadership” (including three members of the 1961-62 National Championship teams!), former classmates of mine, young alums, little kids — you name it, they came to support their Bearcats in Boston, just as they had done in New York for the BIG EAST Tournament and in Nashville for our wins over Texas and Florida State.

So my two thoughts today are:  1) How great it is to be at UC right now!, and  2) How grateful I am for the pride and passion of our alumni family. Thanks to all Bearcats everywhere!!!

I am Proudly Cincinnati,
Myron Hughes

How were you feeling throughout the Bearcats' trek to the Sweet 16? Comment below!

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  1. It was great to have people there, but people need to make noise when they come to the games! As a member of the student body and someone who went to both Nashville and Boston, I found it extremely pathetic that fans from other schools can start cheers on their own that fill up the arena from their own section, and Bearcat fans can't even stand up and make some noise when the band and cheerleaders start Down the Drive. Our team went on a run last night and they had fan support for those 7 or so minutes of the game. Other than that our "cheering section" was nearly silent and was not supportive of our team at all. Every other school has fans which come and make noise to help support their teams, it's about time that UC's fans stepped up to the plate and did the same. I personally could barely talk after the game from yelling so much. I'm not asking you to do that, I'm just asking that you stand up, clap your hands, and maybe yell "Let's go Cats" a few times. That's not too much to ask. If everyone did that, our fan base, our school, and our city would look significantly better on a national level, and we would truly jump to having elite athletic programs.