Mar 27, 2012

Who are UC’s ‘star’ faculty and staff?

Whether five years out of school or 40, it's possible that one of your fondest associations with UC to this day is that favorite professor who left a lasting impression on you. In some way, shape or form, he or she inspired you to chase your dreams. And without a doubt, you wouldn't be where you are today without them.

They span all generations of UC graduates and there's certainly at least one in every major. They're the professors whose classes filled up first during open registration, whose lectures captivated the attention of every student in the room, whose support system extended far beyond the walls of their classroom. It's likely they even received one of UC's distinguished faculty awards when you were one of their students.

At UC, such top notch educators are everywhere...and no one remembers and respects them more than our alumni. By virtue of their long tenure and a strong referral rate among their prior students, many of them have touched countless lives over the years and in many cases, continue to keep in touch with past students even years after they’ve left campus.

"UC Magazine" maintains an archive of "favorite professor" testimonials. Help us build upon this list of “UC’s Star Faculty & Staff” – past and present – who in many cases, are the missing link between alumni who may have lost touch with their alma mater over the years.

Fill out UC Magazine's form or comment below and tell us who stands out above the rest when you think back to your days at UC. How did their influence, both inside and outside the classroom, shape your student and post-graduate life? 

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