Nov 22, 2012

UC Alumni Give Thanks: Alumna Reflects on Non-Traditional College Experience

Tamara Jones and her family show their Bearcat spirit
Many UC alumni are thankful for their UC education and experience. Follow along with this series through November (also known as the thankful month) as UC alumni give thanks to UC. If you would like to share your story and show your appreciation for the university, please e-mail

Tamara Jones received her associate's degree from UCBA (Formerly RWC) in 1992 as a full time student and her Bachelor's Degree as a part-time student from CECE in 2000. Jones and her family reside in Columbus, Ohio.

Why are you thankful for your UC experience?
Many UC professors helped shape my world view and every one of them taught me life lessons far beyond what could be gleaned from textbooks and classroom lectures. The diversity of my UC classmates made the experience truly unforgettable -- from the days at Ray's Place to the many evenings and weekends spent in Clifton, I enjoyed a fabulous, albeit non-traditional, college experience. Being a Bearcat is something I am truly proud and thankful to acknowledge as an important part of my life past, present and future.
How has your UC education helped you get where you are today?
In addition to a terrific education and co-op experience, I also gained the confidence needed to pursue every challenge as an opportunity. That has served me well as I have grown throughout my career tackling every project and assignment as one where I could uniquely make a positive difference.  The high standards set for me by the best professors prepared me for a career in the corporate world far beyond what I could have imagined while at UC.
What’s your favorite UC memory?

While I have many fond memories of my years on campus, I'd have to say my favorite UC memory is of cheering on the men's basketball team during the Huggins' era.  There was no greater excitement and energy than from the sold out capacity crowds in "Shoemaker Center" from the official start of Midnight Madness every fall through the tournament runs in March. I still love UC basketball and have enjoyed seeing Coach Cronin bring the support and excitement back to the program.
As for a favorite classroom memory, I'd have to say any communications class taught by Lisa-Marie Luccioni combined practicality and technicality together in teaching students how to apply the classroom to real world situations. Classes taught by Victoria Hammer (retired) were also memorable for providing a model for principle-based decision-making in business.
Why are you Proudly Cincinnati?
I am Proudly Cincinnati and an ambassador to all who will listen about my affinity for the university. UC is a terrific school and it always feels like I've come home when I am able to return to campus. The students, the faculty and the campus are second to none. While I have long joked that UC stands for "under construction" as it seems to be in a constant state of renovation, I also think that shows a relentless pursuit to never stop improving and making things better for generations to come, a commitment that makes me to proud to be a part of such a wonderful community dedicated to academic excellence.

Why are you thankful for UC? Share by commenting below!

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