Mar 4, 2011

President Williams Brings UC to Florida

Thanks to everyone who joined President Williams’ celebration of UC in Florida February 17th-20th. His road trip included stops in Miami, Orlando, Naples and Sarasota!

If you weren’t lucky enough to make the trip, the Florida sun wasn’t all you missed. In addition to a visit and book-signing with President Williams, Jay Chatterjee took guests on a retrospective tour of the 20-year master plan that successfully resulted in UC’s beautiful, world-renowned campus.

And in Orlando and Naples, guests were blown away by the inspirational words of senior urban planning student and future guest-blogger, Victoria Fromme. Stay tuned for her appearance on “UC Where YOU Are” in early April, where she’ll share her full presentation and how UC landed her in Florida for a co-op job.

Were you with us in Florida? Check out the Florida photo gallery to find yourself, friends and colleagues and if we missed you, hear what President Williams had to say in this short video snippet.

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