Mar 25, 2011

Tears and Cheers at Match Day 2011

UC’s graduating medical students just got a peek into their future. And for many, that means more than just the next stage in their medical careers. It means life in a new city.

The annual Match Day celebration is a long-standing tradition at UC's College of Medicine, allowing med students to find out (on the spot and at random!) where they’ve matched for residency and will spend their next three to seven years in training. You can imagine the emotion and suspense of such an event...where the culmination of four long years of medical school ends with a surprise letter that is met by a wave of cheers from their biggest supporters.

Of the 156 graduating medical students, nearly half learned they will remain in Ohio for their residency positions, matching with such locations as UC Health University Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Jewish Hospital, Christ Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital.

The other 55% of the group will be taking up residency in 29 other U.S. states, including the most popular behind Ohio: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado and California.

The moment of truth is met with cheers from family, friends, professors and classmates and in many cases, followed by a few tears of joy and relief. Watch this video to see some of this year’s student reactions and then browse the 2011 gallery of photos. Then see who's heading to your city!

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