Mar 29, 2011

ROAR Invites YOU to Tour UC's Campus

ROAR President Ravi Grandhi gives prospective students an
insider's perspective on life as a college student at UC.
 Ahh, spring. The air is fresh and mild, the birds are singing, and myriads of spring flowers are emerging from their winter slumber. It’s a relaxing time of year for the most part – unless you’re a high school senior still trying to decide between colleges for next fall!

Fortunately, the admissions office at the University of Cincinnati is used to this oft-faced conundrum and has a variety of resources for those still on the fence. And one of their most useful resources may be the ROAR campus tour group, a devoted group of UC students who, as a whole, give more than 1,500 tours to prospective students, parents, and even alumni who want to take in the revamped campus each year.

Ravi Grandhi, ROAR’s current president, just completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at UC this month, and is currently pursuing an MBA in Operations Management from UC’s College of Business. A tour guide for the better part of four years, Ravi describes the value of ROAR to students curious about more than purely academics. “The admissions officers and staff may be able to answer specific questions concerning the university, but the tour guides are able to show students what life is really like as a college student at UC."

Fellow tour guide Rod Gerardo shares Ravi's passion. “School spirit has a lot of different meanings, but to me, it's giving a tour of campus and showing people how great UC is. Through ROAR, I can do that every week.”

Haven’t been to campus in a while or want to show off your old stomping grounds to a graduating senior? Let ROAR's students show you what you've been missing since you last visited!

Contact ROAR’s Advisor, Ryan Harder, to schedule a tour during your next visit to Cincinnati. Or, just visit UC's YouTube Channel to get a virtual tour of various parts of campus. Tours of MainStreet and Nippert Stadium are featured right here!

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